Diet by Color

In the plant world, color and hue rule in terms of disease-fighting capability. Each color represents different benefits and the deeper the color, the more benefit there is. 

Hi, 2018

Let’s talk about New Year’s resolutions. Why do we set ourselves up for failure with lofty goals, that no matter how good, are inevitably a chain of compromises? I recently read an interesting article about goal setting and the best advice was to break down resolutions into smaller goals with no set in stone date.

“We Don’t Waste”

Aurum Home Technology was thrilled to celebrate the incredible work of We Don't Waste with co-hosts, Todd Reed and The 
Bindery. Hosted in Aurum's state-of-the-art showroom, guests enjoyed a fall menu by Chef Linda Fox Hampsten of The Bindery and the beauty of Todd Reed Jewelry. Photography by Victor Arango.

The 360 Glass Court Bash

The Denver Athletic Club hosted the seventh annual Anschutz-Hunt Challenge Cup in 
conjunction with IMPACT-360, November 2-4, 2017. Squash players throughout the state, including The DAC Members and star collegiate athletes from several Ivy League schools, competed in the squash tournament. Photography by IMPACT-360.

January 2018 Around Town

Lexington Home Brands announced today the signing of a new lease with the Denver Design District for an expanded showroom space. Construction will commence immediately on a significant buildout in the new showroom, expected to open February, 2018.
“We are entering our tenth year at the Denver Design District,” said Phil Haney, President and CEO of Lexington Home Brands. “The growth…

The Hottest Trends in Fitness

A: I’m a Colorado native. I moved to L.A. to go to school at Pepperdine where I ran track and cross-country. Fitness has always been a big part of my life, so when I was going through a period of not really knowing what I wanted to do and stumbled across the LaGree method.


When Laura Krudener began adhering to a diet free of COW’S milk and gluten over twenty years ago, alternative ingredients to make dishes exciting and enticing within her restrictions were, let’s just say, sparse. Determined to find ways to enjoy her favorite foods in ways that fit into her dietary constraints, Krudener became a self-taught chef and adopted the belief…

15-Minute Workout

Now that we're coming off of another holiday season, a primary focus in life for countless people is to get back into (or get in better) shape. I’ve always found success with my clients when we put a focus on the commitment first and then fill in the details as we go along. An excellent way to establish that commitment is to start…


Place all ingredients in a saucepan over medium-low heat. Bring to a low simmer for 14 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to steep for 6 more minutes. Strain and cool. 

Let the Walls Do the Talking

allpaper has been having a bit of a renaissance lately. Gone are the days of floral papers that remind you of your grandmother, replaced by a new era of unique designs, metallic finishes and independent designers.

bending the rules

The first time I met Shelby Holly-Page, she was fully nude. Yeah, you read right—zero clothes. You see, this isn’t such a rare sighting when it comes to the bald-headed, ultra-bendy, Instafamous yogi queen we know as Chocolate Yoga (@chocolate_yoga). For her, confidence is not lacking.


The start of a new year inspires us to better ourselves, become healthier and improve our lives. Here are three books to steer you in the right direction and help keep you on track with your detoxing, unplugging and green cleaning resolutions so 2018 can be your healthiest year ever!


Absolutely. Activity is baked into Boulder culture, and I grew up playing just about every sport. That focus on daily activity—whatever form it takes—is something that was instilled in me early on, and a lot of the inspiration behind Outdoor Voices. I created an activewear brand that isn’t about competition or performance; it’s about celebrating activity for the fun of…