Classic Homeworks’ 30th Anniversary Party

Denver's Classic Homeworks celebrated their 30th Anniversary on October 22, with hors d'oeuvers from TAG Restaurant, drinks and plenty of smiles. Photography Michael Rainero

Todd Reed Anniversary in Venice

Celebrating the first anniversary of Todd Reed's flagship store on Abbot Kinney in Venice, California. The event included great performances, food and people. Photography Liz Kantner and Karin Lisa Atkinson

Around Town

Influencers from the worlds of philanthropy, design, sports, entertainment and art gathered to celebrate the unveiling of RH Denver, The Gallery at Cherry Creek on dnesday, October 14. The event featured a special live performance by Thievery Corporation and a DJ set by Rob Garza. Guests enjoyed gourmet bites by Matsuhisa and Epicurean Group and sipped on fresh Bellinis by…


MESSENGER BAG Bro’s Leather Messenger Bag $200 Nod & Rose Storehouse WATCH ‘Tudor’ North Flag $3675 Walters & Hogsett Fine Jewelry TIE ‘Eton’ Wool Tie $135 Weekends POCKET SQUARE Wool Double Striped Pocket Square $60 Sully & Co FLASK ‘The Sneerwell’ The Eye of Providence Noble Flask $65 Nod & Rose Storehouse WHISKEY STONES 'W&P Design' Set of 6 Natural…

Holiday Flea Stocking Stuffers

Sometimes the little things make all the difference, and that goes for stocking stuffer items too. Mark your calendar for the Holiday Flea going on December 3-6th at 4400 Fox Street. The Denver Flea's contemporary marketplace has all of the goodies to gift.

Gifts That Give Back

Looking to buy a gift that keeps on giving? Consider purchasing a product that gives back this holiday season. We’ve cultivated a variety of charitable presents that help promote change in the world. Here's where to find them!

Cookies & Cocktails

Bring to a boil eight cups of water. Add 16 chai tea bags; turn off stove; secure the lid with the tea bag tabs hanging outside and steep 10 minutes. Remove the tea bags. Stir in 1/2 cup each spiced rum and vanilla-flavored vodka and 2 cinnamon sticks. Cover and cook on low for 2 hours. Stir in 2 cups…

Sweet Talk

Modern Art Desserts: From Rothko Cake to a Warhol dessert, artist and baker Rachael Teufel of Intricate Icings Cake Design can turn flour, butter and sugar into edible masterpieces that taste as good as they look. This Sweet Talk feature was based on iconic pieces of modern art, but really – as we found out, anything is a source of…

Shelf Living

Take a journey to Consilience, a social experiment offering homes and jobs after a financial catastrophe causes an economic meltdown. Participants alternate months in their suburban utopias with months spent in prison. Atwood’s first stand-alone novel in 10 years doesn’t shy away from morality, ethics and desire.

Making Money Sustainable

MYTHBUSTERS More and more investors have heard the terms social, sustainable, impact or ESG (environment, social and governance) investing. Too many investors are still on the sidelines because of myths that have not yet been fully dispelled. It’s time to clear the air and get with the investing trend.

Scout & About New Nordic

PENDANT LIGHT Banded Teardrop Pendant $349 (Denver) SIDE TABLE Marble plant stand $45.00 (Denver) RUG Brazilian cowhide rug in pepper $699 (Denver) PLANTERS ‘Boxcar’ walnut & bone white planter $70 (Denver) THROW Faux fur sheepskin throw $129 MEDIA STAND ‘Gus Modern’ Wilson media stand $1450 (Denver) CHAIR ‘Blu Dot’ Clutch chair $399 (Denver)…


Who: Susan Hildebrand What: Owner and Designer at Shops at 9th Avenue Where: 899 N. Broadway, Denver

A Line Boutique

A Line Boutique hosted members of Inspirato for a Landmark Block Party. Guests sipped, snacked and shopped - learning about fall fashion, packing and travel tips, and how to make their wardrobe work best for their lifestyles. Photography Laura Kinser


With the holiday season in full swing, I often reminisce to family traditions we had while growing up. Christmas brunch at my parents was always a highlight, as my mom would cook a huge feast of all our favorites. The only downfall was that I had to beg and plead for a reasonable amount of frosting on the cinnamon rolls.…