Go for the Glow: 

Wellness can be a nebulous word. It can mean different things to different people. For Cat Tatman, co-founder of Denver’s skincare and beauty brand Intelligent Elixirs, wellness encompasses both the health of the body and the happiness of the mind—two principles she works to achieve through both her brand and in her everyday life. 

Financial Fitness

Philanthropy is often defined by the financial generosity of figures such as Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffet, yet very few people will ever have the means to give the ways in which they do. 


 WHERE DID YOU GROW UP?   In a house that my artist father built in the woods in Michigan.   WHAT BRINGS YOU THE MOST JOY IN YOUR CRAFT?


WHERE DID YOU GROW UP?  I grew up in North Boulder around Wonderland Lake. 


 TYE STOCKTON   Broker + Global Real Estate Advisor  The Stockton Group | LIV Sotheby's International Realty

Wedding Wellness

I am a bridal coach that has designed workshops and coaching programs that set brides-to-be up for success to plan their wedding day while sustaining and enriching their relationships. Mindfully Ever After is about inviting mindfulness and awareness in the world of weddings.

Be Our Guest

1. Planar Chair by Housefish $350.00—MADE IN DENVER | 2. Key Storage (Medium) by Housefish $619—MADE IN DENVER | 3. Enright Coffee Table by ATLA $850—MADE IN BOULDER | 4. Standing Planter by Cream Modern $145—MADE IN DENVER | 5. O'Fallon Table by Sjotime Industries $2500—MADE IN DENVER | 6. O'Fallon Side Chair by Sjotime Industries $575—MADE IN DENVER | 7. Serving Bowl by Mortar & Stone $103—MADE IN DENVER | 8. Plant-Dyed…

Beer & Food Pairing

Look like a crafty, beer connoisseur with these quick hits that are a match made in heaven. 

Fiber Facts 101

A natural fiber is anything from a plant or animal that can be spun into a material for knitting, weaving and other techniques for clothing and other goods. 


 Article and Photography       

Mealtime sans Meltdowns

 Article Kelli Ruhl | Photography Illustration Sarah Leituala  1 Lowry Beer Garden  LowryBeerGarden.com

Patio Party

 Article Dana Lapinel | Photography Danielle Webster  1 54Thirty Rooftop   Denver's highest open-air rooftop you'll feel a mile high.

Urban Cowboy

 Article and Photography  John Atencio  Jewelry Designer & Owner of John Atencio

mother + daughter duo

 Article and Photography  Cappuccino  Amethyst Coffee, $3.75




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Absolutely. Activity is baked into Boulder culture, and I grew up playing just about every sport. That focus on daily activity—whatever form it takes—is something that was instilled in me early on, and a lot of the inspiration behind Outdoor Voices. I created an activewear brand that isn’t about competition or performance; it’s about celebrating activity for the fun of…


 Combine all ingredients in blender.  Blend on high for 30 seconds or until smooth  Pour into a tall glass and garnish with whipped cream, chocolate & decorative straws. Enjoy! 


Where did you grow up?  I grew up in Rye Brook, New York. A wonderful suburb about 20 miles outside New York City.

Current Mood

Be A Good Person is a brand with a pretty clear message. As they say on their website, “We believe that positive change truly starts with within ourselves, one person at a time.” Julian Donaldson, co-founder of Be A Good Person, is sharing the team’s inspiration shelf with us. On the shelf are past and present items that they’ve had…


I am a bit of a globe trotter. I was born in Manhattan to German parents on a visit from Germany and then spent the next 15 years in Munich. We then moved to Singapore where I graduated from College, followed by two years in London. I returned to the States in 1985 and spent time in Little Rock, NYC,…


Food-Inspired Home Decor

Do Just One Thing (or Five)

Giving back to the community can have a lasting effect on both the giver and the receiver. And kids and teens can offer just as much heart as a grown up! Here are five incredible ways younger generations can lean in to help our surrounding communities thrive.

Joe’s 2016 Design Picks

"This year we are loving crisp white spaces warmed by gleaming accents of brass and copper balanced against cool contrasts of indigo, ink brushwork and black burnt wood. In this collection, many elements hail from Japan. The look is natural, artistic and modern with a touch of high style and the relaxed spirit of Zen.” - Joe McGuire

Do Just One Thing

In honor of the "Dog Days of Summer" issue we teamed up with Maxfund no-kill animal shelter and adoption center to share how you can help dogs and cats in need in our community. Maxfund's mission is to give all cats and dogs that come through the doors, whether they are injured, sick, abandoned, or abused, a second chance at…

A Mother/Daughter’s Summer Smitten List

Clyfford Still Museum—If you haven’t been, go! Even if this is not your preferred art style, everyone needs to go to this museum. It is not often you get to see one artist’s life’s work all in one location.

Sweet & Sauer’s Favorite Things

I absolutely love avocado toast. It's my favorite thing for breakfast or a snack. I love all the variations!

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Ebay floor lamp from China - it's a sculptural light. Angelus wine from Bordeaux - Lick my lips and smile. Mascarello Barolo - W-O-W. Dale Chihuly glass artist - Things of beauty make me stop, look and realize I have appreciation and no talent.

Pantone Color of the Year Picks

1. Hable for Hickory Chair 2. Sara Robichaud A Moment and Chromatic Dissonance 3. Big Chill Retro Oven 4. The Tole Tend Semi Flush by Coleen and Company


Who: Clif Louis Where: The Vineyard Wine Shop VineyardWineShop.com Favorite Region for wine? Bordeaux