The Boa Fit Effect

“Boa can fundamentally do things that traditional laces cannot," explains Daniel Feeney, a biomechanics research engineer at Boa Technology.

Looking Forward and Staying Present

Losing sight of goals when the days become darker is certainly a familiar feeling. Trialing strategies and methods for overcoming such feelings is a universal experience.


Tasheena Polanco was living in a halfway house when she heard the intercom announcement that would change her life. Work Options for Women (WOW) was holding an informational meeting in the house’s cafeteria.


We have so much fun doing our #CDKDinnerSociety but in a world of prix fixe menus, this sandwich is a reminder than there's still a place for classic comfort food. This is how I like to eat! -Chef Dane

Why It’s Worth It: The Case for Flying Charter

For some, the idea of traveling via private charter plane calls to mind an image of opulence and excess; a privilege reserved for movie stars and Kardashians. In reality, private chartering can be a far more time-efficient, cost-conscious and accessible than many realize. While Mountain Aviation — a local private jet charter and management company — can certainly cater to…

The Newest Heavy Hitter in Town

Bret Alexandra. I’d suggest you remember that name because she is among some of the newest heavy hitters stepping up to make this city the arts capital of the west. Bret is a model turned interior designer and founder of The Fourth House (@thefourthhouse), an interior styling company with a focus on thrifted vintage goods.

The Road to Rich’s

Talking Competition, Family and Life with a CrossFit Legend Article Nicolette Martin | Photography Paul Versluis About 80 miles east of Nashville, among the winding roads of Putnam County, Tennessee, between a brick house and an old red barn, there’s a gravel road. It’s easy to miss in the expanse of rolling hills that, in … Continued

Food For Thought

Chef Gregory Gourdet’s culinary taste comes from a melting pot of influences. From his familial Haitian roots to the formative time spent working for the legendary French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten to his love of Asian food to the women in his family that cooked when he was just a child, to tell Gourdet’s story through food is to tell countless…

Fall Fashion Audit

This fall, Hannah Moon of Styled by Hannah Moon, is encouraging you to try something new, and to embrace the trends emerging. One big trend she’s been pushing? Animal print.

bending the rules

The first time I met Shelby Holly-Page, she was fully nude. Yeah, you read right—zero clothes. You see, this isn’t such a rare sighting when it comes to the bald-headed, ultra-bendy, Instafamous yogi queen we know as Chocolate Yoga (@chocolate_yoga). For her, confidence is not lacking.

hy • gge

The Danish word for creating a cozy atmosphere to enjoy life's simple pleasures. Often enjoyed with good food and drinks, warm blankets and soft candlelight. You'll never forget how to pronounce this Danish word again. Just remember, the end of the word makes the same sound of how you should feel, "Ahhhh."

Trainer Confessions

Let’s take a minute and think about working out. A little bit of cardio, half-a**ing some abs and then maybe some “stretching” aka sitting on a mat texting — sound about right? Well, you’re not alone. In a world of Cosmopolitan booty challenges and PopSugar 5-minute arms, it’s hard to know what you’re actually working. Five trainers from 
The Denver…

Lookin’ Sharp

Bring home the latest decor trend with these unique pieces

Mother’s Day Ideas

Nooku | | @enjoynooku

Artful Arrangements

Plum Sage Flowers, located in the Highlands neighborhood, is a Denver gem. Founded in 2005 by current owner, Erin Hornstein, the Plum Sage team has grown to include Elizabeth Gotsdiner who has worked with flowers for over 14 years, and Mallory Hight, a Boulder local who grew up taking care of flowers sold at her family’s hardware store. Put together,…


I bet you’re expecting a pun. Now that we’ve fallen out of summer and into autumn (punderful), put your picnic basket in one hand and your pumpkin spice in the other because al fresco dining isn't over yet. Sunny fall days are perfect for tailgates, tapas and toddies. All of this lies ahead before we cruise into the famed Colorado…

Dog + Design

Don't get us wrong, pups are the best roommates, but we could all use a little de-dogging from time to time. 01/// TOY TROUBLE | Let us guess. Your toy basket is overflowing and there have been more than a few occasions where you almost experienced death-by-tennis-ball. Why is that tennis ball always at to the top of the stairs,…

Call Me Old Fashioned

Add mint, lemon and simple into a shaker and muddle. 
Add remaining ingredients and ice, shake and garnish with a mint sprig.

Me Lichen

Care, Light and Temperature: 
Air plants need indirect sunlight and warm temperatures, as they are native to the Southern US, and Central and South America. Air plants thrive at temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees F, so here in Colorado, keep them indoors.