No Pain, No Gain

 Justin Metzler  Age: 26  Occupation: Professional triathlete and triathlon coach

Rock the Climb

Emphasizing physical health and well-being is a signature throughout many of Colorado’s communities. From outdoor adventure sports to race training and more, Denver, in particular, is an area known for its focus on fitness. According to Christa Dellebovi, head trainer with Rise Nation, it’s for this reason that the city was primed for a new, unique workout experience.

Seed to Bottle, Farm to Face: Detoxing Your Beauty Routine

Cleopatra is legendary for her renowned beauty. Maybe she was just born with it, but she also had an extensive self-care regimen that involved milk baths, honey masks, sea salt exfoliation, rose water toners and castor oil hair treatments—no parabens, no phthalates, no sulfates and no nebulous catch-all “fragrance.”

The Connicks Take on Cancer

 Article Kelli Ruhl | Photography EyeFull Media  Take the #Screenwithme Challenge: For every person that pledges to ask their health care provider about colorectal cancer using the hashtag #screenwithme, $1 will be donated to colorectal cancer research and advocacy.  Even for an actor, composer and musician who has seen success across the entertainment world — from television and movies to…

Conquering Everest

 Article Kelli Ruhl  On May 21, 2016, Kim Hess stood atop one of the most hard-won summits in the world: Mount Everest. For adventurers everywhere, Everest is the White Whale; an astounding achievement which demands grit beyond measure. For Hess, however, the journey to this moment took more fortitude, endurance — and help — than she’d ever imagined.   

15-Minute Workout

Now that we're coming off of another holiday season, a primary focus in life for countless people is to get back into (or get in better) shape. I’ve always found success with my clients when we put a focus on the commitment first and then fill in the details as we go along. An excellent way to establish that commitment is to start…

Harmony and Peace

There’s an old zen adage that says, “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes everyday—unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” And for me, life was swirling with business; I could barely sit down to check Instagram let alone spend the time meditating. I was past the point of reasonable, normal stress.

Man Maker Complex

This step-by-step workout is for the many people plagued with the excuse of not having enough time. Here's the catch: With the "Man Maker," you just need twenty minutes to execute this exercise flow. The workout is a great way to improve cardiovascular endurance and strength while using very little outside resistance. It is a series of exercises all rolled…

Add Sizzle to Your Summer Workout

Noted as one of the premier athletic clubs around, Colorado Athletic Club (CAC) offers a full-service athletic club, tucked inside a country club atmosphere, with impeccable customer service. With spacious cardio and weigh rooms, plus fitness class offerings at all hours of the day, all eight of CAC’s locations offer an assortment of ways to get fit, including the assistance…

In the Running

Need to even out your virtue-to-vice ratio? Is your motivation to finish a pint of ice cream stronger than your motivation to finish a 5K? Well, we’ve got the skinny on the one healthy habit you need to pick up: Running. Not only will running make you happier, healthier and smarter today, but in the long — ahem — run,…


We’ve all heard of beauty spas (some of us dream about them) but before jlounge entered the scene, no one knew it was possible to have a natural nail salon & beauty spa. Thanks to a little serendipity and a lot of ingenuity, Julie Perington and Jennifer Zrubek joined forces to create a new kind of spa experience.

Natural Remedies

Winter is here, and with it, that cool, crisp air and the ever contemptible cold and flu season. In the days of yore, a kitchen or pantry would be stocked with herbs, tinctures and teas that could rally to battle any range of ailments and illnesses — in North America specifically, a wealth of ancient herbal traditions survived the flood…

Feel-Good Smoothies

Smoothies are a tasty and healthy way to start the day (but they don’t need to be limited to mornings). Blending fruits, vegetables and other “add-ins” can create a nutritious meal replacement, snack or treat. We suggest starting with fruits and veggies (spinach and kale work well and won’t make your smoothie any less sweet), moving onto a liquid base…

Red Rocks Workout

Outfit: Mariella Tank and Freya Flow Wrap from Mika Yoga Wear (, Zella printed "live-in" leggings from Nordstrom Red Rocks is one of my favorite places to work out. Not only are the stairs killer, but you've got a gorgeous view to look at while you sweat it out! This 20-minute circuit is great when you combine with running up…