Donating Time May Cut Your Tax Bill

For many people, volunteerism is about more than simply doing something nice – it’s about enriching peoples’ lives and making the communities where we live and work a better place. But, did you know your stewardship and goodwill may also help you reduce your taxes? Gifts given to charity and other expenses related to volunteering may be tax deductible. For…

Setting the Stage

You’ve decided to list your home…now it’s time to get it ready for showings! Here are eight quick and simple ways to keep your home looking fresh and welcoming.

Financing For a Furry Friend

Buy or adopt? First, you will have to decide whether to adopt a pet from an animal shelter, which is often less expensive or buy from a licensed breeder. Keep in mind that shelters frequently spay or neuter animals before adoption, which eliminates a cost that can be upwards of several hundred dollars. To help reduce medical bills, later on,…

So You Want to Start a Business

For many, the great American dream includes opening your own business or “hanging your own shingle” as a consultant or freelancer. If you have an idea for a company that you believe could be successful and want to pursue this dream, it is important to do your homework.

Expert Says

When a 6’2” man and a 5’6” woman look through the same window from the same place, they might not see the same thing. This has nothing to do with gender, everything to do with perspective and is just one of the nuances to consider when buying a vacation home in the mountains.

Fresh Finance

The start of a new year is a good time to dream big and set new goals. Here are three fundamental steps to think through as you begin a fresh start in 2017.


What comes to mind when you think of creating a budget? For many people, even the thought of putting one together is unappealing. However, there’s another more positive way to look at budgeting that may surprise you. Budgeting can be a way to gain more control of your finances and empower you to do more of what you want in…

When “Mine” & “Yours” Become “Ours”

When a couple makes that exciting decision to bring their lives together, it’s inevitable that their financial lives, too, will become intertwined. And while the sentiment that “love conquers all” may overshadow financial concerns early on in the relationship, the reality is that how each partner handles money could have a major impact on their shared financial future.

Circle of Finance

Just like there are four seasons in a year, there are different seasons of financial planning during a lifetime. For each season you need to prepare in a different way – sometimes with pulling out the wool sweaters and other times breaking out the swimsuit. Just like seasons, it’s important to know what to expect during each life stage, and…

Making Money Sustainable

MYTHBUSTERS More and more investors have heard the terms social, sustainable, impact or ESG (environment, social and governance) investing. Too many investors are still on the sidelines because of myths that have not yet been fully dispelled. It’s time to clear the air and get with the investing trend.