Candid in the Kitchen

The art of holiday meal planning often lies in how many risks the cook is willing to take.


A charcuterie board is key to every good holiday gathering. It may be considered an appetizer—but for many of us—it's the main event. Chef and Owner Bill Minder of Il Porcellino Salumi gave us the ins and outs to creating a grade a board full of flavor, fun profiles and fatty goodness. 

Slice of the Pie

Here's just a taste of Chef Dane's Thanksgiving drop off menu. That's right, a full feast delivered at your doorstep featuring the greatest-hits with a twist. All that's left is basting yourself in compliments from your guests. 

Eat The Rainbow

 Article Dana Lapinel | Photography Kelly Pfeiffer  It’s back-to-school time. Each morning will involve the organized chaos of getting the kids up, dressed, fed and out the door on time — don’t forget the packed lunch. Ideally, a healthy packed lunch.  This is where supermom and health blogger Kelly Pfeiffer comes in. In 2012 Pfeiffer launched her blog Nosh and…

Knock Out Punch

 Article Dana Lapinel | Photography Kylie Fitts  Kobe An's Punch Bowl  INGREDIENTS 

Twist on Traditional

 Article Riley Cowing | Photography Michael Rainero  Chances are whatever type of restaurant you can think of Chef Andrew Harris has worked there. From high-end restaurants with white tablecloths to sports bars — he has done it all. But after years of cooking in different environments, he now calls the shots for his food truck, Rock N Lobster Roll.  

Lobster Bliss—I mean—Bisque

 + Kosher salt   2 live lobsters, weighing 
 around 3 pounds total  + 2 tablespoons olive oil

In Food We Trust

Lisa Altenburg always found herself immersed in the food service or hospitality industry before she began her professional career in corporate finance. When she moved to Denver in 2004 for a corporate finance job, she kept a desire to own a restaurant, deli or wine bar in the back of her mind. When she was introduced to Yvonne Lo in…

Rhubarb and Beetroot Compote

Add Rhubarb, beets, orange or lemon juice and vanilla bean powder to a saucepan and bring to a simmer. Cover and cook, for 15 minutes or until tender. Stir in honey and transfer to a blender. Lightly blend to fuse flavors. Chill before serving. Along with pistachios and bee pollen, this compote adds a pop of flavor and color to…

Latin Flavor

Comal brings the food incubator to life while galvanizing social change. Comal, a “Heritage Food Incubator,” is a unique and brilliant new addition to the Taxi community in the River North Arts Industry (RiNo). The changing menu is prepared and served by women who are trained at Comal’s kitchen for an eight-month “incubation” period to develop their talents to become…

Pumpkin Spice Chia Pudding

A healthy twist on a 
favorite fall spice

Spring Soiree with Among the Colors

Let goat cheese get to room temperature. Place yogurt, goatcheese, herbs and bacon in a blender or food processor. I have a Vitamix, which works great. If you are not sure how strong your blender is, try a food processor. Mix on medium and then on high for about a minute. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Garnish with…

Make Your Meal Pop With Homemade Pop Tarts

Pop tarts are no longer the cardboard-stiff frosted breakfast food stuffed into a toaster as you run out the door every morning. Homemade pop tarts are a versatile food trend we can get on board with. Pick savory or sweet, it’s non-processed and delicious; and it’s a meal you’ll want to savor and come back for more any time of…