Lifestyle Letter 5

2020. Can you believe it? Ready or not, here we are.  As a way to help kickstart the jump back into ho-hum work schedules and workout routines, our January issue focuses primarily on valuing the many variables of health and wellness. But rather than filling each and every page with an inspiring, potentially unaccessible story about Colorado’s greatest athletes – and yes, we certainly do feature some of the state’s most impressive athletes in this issue – we tried to tell stories that let everyone in on the ordinary aspects of any given person. [Even if they are Spartan Ultra World Champions or literally the fastest known trail runners.] Some of us — very few of us — are professional athletes, but we all have to consciously make the decision to wake up on chilly Colorado mornings to go for a run, to read a book, to meditate, to put together a healthy lunch, and so on. Regardless of where we are, we all have a “step one” to complete in order to go where we’re trying to go.  Making health and wellness a priority is really about stringing together decisions that incrementally move the needle in a positive direction. While it can be difficult trying to build or maintain momentum, we’re never alone in trying to believe there is a better version of ourselves somewhere in the future.