Lifestyle Letter 3

What are the foods and beverages that bring you life? I’ll go first: My grandmother’s homemade tortillas and a perfectly pulled espresso.

Growing up, every occasion was ripe for Mexican food: Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Tuesday nights, breakfast, Easter, when I was sick, when I was happy, when I was sad, and every other meal in between.

This was likely the result of two main factors: my father’s family and their Mexican ancestry, and growing up in San Antonio.

Espresso, on the other hand, did not enter my life until college. Like countless others, I became enamored with the effects of caffeine around the same time that I put off studying for an exam a little too long and ran out of daylight.

For some time, I wanted to be a coffee roaster. I became a barista, drank more espresso than I would care to admit, and in the subsequent years, have worked hard to become a functional adult even without multiple cups of coffee. [This is still occasionally a work in progress.]

Food and beverage tell our stories perhaps better than even we can. What did you eat while growing up? When did you first try coffee? What about wine?

Food and beverages often explain where we geographically come from and what we might pass down to the future generations. They are indicative of our communities: who we’re related to and who we choose to be near.

For this issue, food, beverage, community, and occasionally all three will be at the forefront. They are all bonded by the ways in which they bring us life and the ways in which we seek them out.

To food, to drink, and to community–all of which we would cease to exist without.