August and September have a tendency to drag on and on. Fall, perhaps the most wondrous time of year in Colorado, is right there. It can practically be felt in the air and seen in the leaves.

But it isn’t here, not quite.

As kids and teachers bravely head back to school for more teaching and learning, and the rest of us sit idly on our hands, trying to outlast the remaining days of summer before buying every pumpkin in sight, it felt important to reflect on learned life lessons while we have the time. 

A loose theme of “what have we learned?” is threaded through each story in this issue. It might look like a music program investing in at-risk youth that have not been set up for success in the arts; it might be a sandwich shop finally striking the perfect balance of pastrami, natural light, and hospitality; it might be considering a new method for air travel.

Because what better way to use the time than to think about all the ways in which each and every year, and season, has a new lesson to teach?