Aston Martin DB11, A Luxury Vehicle to Drive For

I feel the term “cookie-cutter” is far too common of a word used when it comes to choosing a car. Why, might one ask? Because vehicles today do not have a personality anymore. They’re cold, robotic and there are too many of the same model within the square mile you live in. When is the last time you pulled up in your vehicle, just to see the same color and model at the stoplight across from you? In this day and age, being different puts you in a league of your own.


The Aston Martin DB11 no doubt is in a league of its own. At first glance, if the body lines don’t lure you in, the glorious exhaust note from the twin-turbocharged engine will. If I said it once, I would say it again, attention to detail means everything in a car these days. It is what separates quality from quantity. The interior of the DB11 is a prime example of attention to detail. From the leather stitching in the dash to the suede accents on the headliner, it’s the small details that truly put this car in a league of its own.


Forget the aesthetics; let’s talk about what this car is like on the road. The first thought that comes to mind when driving the DB11 is let’s pack our bags and disappear for the weekend. This is a car you can take a road trip in and in style. The steering is ultra-responsive yet soft to the touch. The car drives like a Cadillac, yet with the push of a button, the ride handles and accelerates like a full-fledged race car. The ergonomics of the seats are near perfect, incredibly comfortable, and the usability of the buttons and media interface are easy to access. I honestly was impressed by how this car drove, and as usual, Aston Martin did not disappoint.


All in all, this car is a complete joy to drive. A quick downshift could put a smile on any face, including the officer writing the ticket. Well done, Aston Martin, I approve.


Test Drive at Sill-Terhar Motors

150 Alter St, Broomfield, CO


Horsepower: 600 hp

MPG: 15 city / 21 highway

Engine: 5.2 L V12