Guiding brides through the trials and tribulations of the wedding experience, Jaq Poussot transforms “bridezilla” into an equipped, empowered woman.

I am a bridal coach that has designed workshops and coaching programs that set brides-to-be up for success to plan their wedding day while sustaining and enriching their relationships. Mindfully Ever After is about inviting mindfulness and awareness in the world of weddings.

I can relate because I was a bride not once, but twice. Both times I felt like I was expected to have the most clarity even though I was the one in the thick of a major life change. This was profoundly confusing. Things like “ribbon color” and “cake flavor” seemed like incredibly important choices when what was actually important was feeling grounded and supported.

I do this because I believe marriage or union is an important right of passage and is one that is seemingly becoming less supported by American culture. After a year of research and interviewing women who were in the wedding process or within 12 months post-wedding, I’ve found that wedding planning is an almost universal experience of distraction from what it means to be creating union and a long-lasting, loving relationship.  I see what I do as a way to cultivate sustainable relationships—in union, family and business.

Our approach is to guide brides through meaningful inquiry and at the individual and collective level. The workshop is a two and a half day experiential retreat addressing the often overlooked aspects of wellness, wholeness and compassion in wedding planning. The result is a cohesive group experience that lends itself to soulful healing and lasting communal support, leaving brides grounded, present and ready for joy in the planning process, on their wedding day and beyond!

In the future, I’d like to offer this work to women of all types of relationship as I want to support the entire life span of relationships and growth. 



“I am not here to help—for women are not weak. I am not here to fix—for women are not broken. I am here merely in service—for women are whole… and still, need each other for light in the darkness.”