We can all say that being a female entrepreneur today is in good timing.  Every spring for our women’s issue we take time to celebrate and get to know the women that are making a positive impact on our cityscape and continue to evolve the footprint of our thriving city.  

Whether you are an entrepreneur, full-time mom, director, a teacher, we are each called for greatness, in the gifts we have been given. I believe there is a lot of inspiration to take from those that have the entrepreneur spirit which is to persevere again and again. To see things from an eternal perspective that what you are doing now will pay off years from now. 

And isn’t that the same in our daily walk, the choice to rise above the noise, the choice to encourage a friend, the choice to acknowledge that joy does not exist without hard work and sacrifice. 

In these pages, you will see a glimpse inside our shoot with four Denver moguls at Gasmoney Studios, an insider on the face behind The Bindery, and an exclusive interview with Founder and CEO, Susan Kiely of Women with a Cause.  

In gratitude, 

Chantel Ellerington, Creative Director