Each year we approach the Eco issue with a fresh take thanks to the many contributors we have the privilege of working with each month. At our last editorial pitch gathering—all ideas were on the table—literally. Which is why you’ll notice the tablescape photo inspired by American artist Paul Wonner (April 24, 1920—April 23, 2008) gracing the cover. It was taken by talented photographer Brittni Bell Warshaw and styled by Nikki Malloy. In this case, we recycled an idea through recycled materials. It’s the perfect illustration of what being “Eco” is all about.  

Brittni says, “I was originally drawn to Paul Wonner’s work because of his use of dramatic shadows. I love to draw inspiration or ‘recycle’ ideas from other art mediums. Inspiration is just creative recycling. Taking an idea or theme you love and spinning it into your own piece.”

Nikki Malloy also contributed to the Eco theme by styling something beautiful out of something used. 

“I used cans and bottles from food and drinks we had used in my kitchen as flower vases. All the plates, utensils, ceramic vases and random knick-knacks were collected at local thrift shops,” says Nikki. “I have always seen beauty in reused items. Bringing a new life to something that has already had life is so special. Not only is it unique, but it also has a positive impact on the environment.”

With that note, we can use that mentality of recycling in many facets of life. From creating new ideas or recycling old ones, there’s potential for change everywhere. 

Happy spring, Denver!

Dana Lapinel 


ON THE COVER A tablescape photo inspired by artist Paul Wonner using recycled materials sourced by stylist Nikki Malloy. | NikkiMalloyStylist.com 

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Brittni Bell Photo Co. | BrittniBell.com