February—it’s the shortest and sweetest month of the year, but there’s no shortage of exciting things happening here in Denver. When thinking of ideas for our annual Artist issue, we wanted to get creative ourselves highlighting local talent who beautify the community through different mediums. 

You’ll see the muses behind Environmental Graphic Designer Derek Friday, Visual Artist and Photographer Kristen Hatgi Sink, and Florist Gretchen Josten of Yonder House (which was on Harper’s Bazaar list of the top 25 florists in America) because we all know that question was going to be asked anyway. We also got in the mind of abstract Boulder-based painter Will Day in his dreamy stark white studio decorated with paint splatter. Plus, food is an art form in itself, but what about luxury table settings that truly set the mood of a party? (Cue: Hannah Howard and her brainchild feast—all shot in her stylish home.) 

With our own busting creative scene—with quite the history of makers, poets, musicians and more—we hope you find inspiration in these pages and come to appreciate the unique perspective here a mile high. Consider this issue your guide to finding your artistic niche, whatever that may be. 

In honor of February, I’m signing off with love.