How Denver’s Juju Be Gone is Spreading Joy Through Curated Positivity

Breaking up. Getting together. Losing someone. Welcoming someone new into the world. As Courtney Mamuscia, founder and head creator of Juju Be Gone will tell you; life is full of momentous occasions both joyous and disheartening. And when the universe comes a-calling with one of its signature curveballs for you or a loved one, how can you show that person they’re cared for and send a little light their way? This is the question that Juju Be Gone’s positivity-promoting products and boxes answer.

Juju Be Gone offers the gift of good vibes in the form of boxes full of products that promote self-care, laughter and healing.

“Our boxes are artfully and beautifully made with the right mix of spirit, soul, humor and sass,” says Mamuscia. “People often give gifts for the sake of getting gifts and rarely consider the circumstances or how the gift could improve someone’s life or outlook. Juju Be Gone boxes are the solution.”

The heart and soul of Juju Be Gone is a triad of women who are passionate about helping others find light and joy during all of life’s transitionary events. There is Courtney, a born marketer, and innate entrepreneur. Lisa Conner, head creativity coordinator, is an experienced branding specialist and graphic designer as well as another founder of the brand. And Andrea Milnark, head of getting things done, is a “jill of all trades” and brings invaluable pragmatism and creativity to the team. All three women work to make Juju Be Gone’s boxes truly special, uplifting experiences for recipients.

The team carefully selects the items for each of their boxes, which are themed around many life events, from moving into a new home to merely trying to break a streak of bad luck. Each item represents a small piece of positive energy, whether it’s a little brass elephant figurine (a sign of good luck!), a bundle of hand-tied sage or one of their signature Glendora candles that harmoniously blend the soothing scents of peony, wood sage and sea salt.

“In the end, we want our boxes to make people smile and laugh,” says Conner. “They should make the recipient know they are loved and cared about.”

As they continue to develop new boxes, including their recently created “New Beginnings” box ideal for friends and loved ones looking to refresh and reset heading into the new year, the women of Juju Be Gone encourage us to be thoughtful and conscious of life’s stresses during the busy holiday season. Because when you give the gift of positivity, you might just inspire that someone to continue paying the good juju forward. | @jujubegone