Food — the most delicious way to bring people together. It’s been that way for a millennium and more. Food has brought people together for celebrations, revolutions, and rituals — food has been part of the world’s most pivotal moments. 

Besides the world, it’s been part of people’s most pivotal moments. Like for you and me, and these individuals we highlighted this month transforming the Denver food scene. 

For Jake Soffes, owner of Hudson Hill and Denver’s newest sweetheart Lady Jane, food and drinks have been his greatest triumph. Soffes has successfully added a taste of the East Village in Denver through style and flavor. 

For Chef Gregory Gourdet, who runs both Departures in Portland and Denver, cooking was beyond a calling; it was a new life. 

For Chef Dane Hiett — a private chef and entrepreneur — he’s finding a new way to do food, cool recipes easily delivered in a cooler fashion.  

So, this is why we love food — and that it’s simply delicious. 

Bon appetit,