Beyond a Wedding Band

Great Family Reunion (GFR) is a musical entertainment agency based out of both Denver and New York City that provides personable, comprehensive and top-notch musical experiences for gatherings and events. Reaching far beyond the limits of the standard “wedding band,” GFR is a collective of world-class musicians, many of whom continue to perform around the world. 

Jordan Linit and Jonathan Huvard, the founders and owners of GFR, met while they were in college and have been playing music together ever since. Both Huvard and Linit were members of different touring bands. The two bands met through Linit’s manager and, as Linit explains, “what started as a college hang turned into an amazing lifelong friendship.” When their fans would get married, Huvard and Linit were frequently asked to play weddings.  

“After playing with a number of local wedding bands, we realized we could provide a much-needed, superior service” Linit explains. “We discovered our tour-tested musicians knew how to deliver a much higher quality product than what’s typically available for private events and weddings.”  

And with that in mind, a year-and-a-half ago, Great Family Reunion was formed.

Today the musical entertainment agency is composed of three individual bands: The Family Band, Por la Paz, and, soon to launch, GFR-NYC. In addition to a trio of high-caliber bands, Great Family Reunion provides photography, videography and top-notch sound-technology, all of which makes planning and pulling off a big event much, much simpler.  

“We create an experience where our clients don’t have to worry because they know GFR and its musicians and staff are going to provide a Red Rocks-worthy experience,” says Linit. “If we do our job, our customers will have the time of their lives.”  

Judging by Great Family Reunion’s packed calendar, it is evident that GFR is, indeed, doing its job. 


Backstage with Jonathan Huvard and Jordan Linit  


What songs do you play that are most likely to get people dancing?


Linit: “Instead of playing the same songs and expecting people to get up and dance, we take pride in really reading the crowd. One night we might play a Bruno Mars tune, and it really gets the crowd going, and we’ll run with that. We know tons and tons of songs. Even though we have a lot of players in our collective, everyone plays together on a regular basis, so we’re tight enough to really read the guests and adjust as we go along.”


What’s one of the more romantic songs you play at weddings?


Huvard: “Right now, I’d say “Tennessee Whiskey.” Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake’s performance kind of brought that song back and people seem to be really into it. 


Linit: “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran is like… a no option situation.  Everyone grabs their husband or their boyfriend. 


If you had to choose one song that you’re listening to right now, what would it be?

Huvard: “Honestly, we’ve always gotta be listening to everything. We spend the most time listening to song requests we get so we can understand what we are performing!”


Any lyrics that you live by?


Huvard: “I’ll make love to you/ Like you want me to/ And I’ll hold you tight/ Baby all through the night”…