Comfort Food  5

Chef Joshua Ferris brings his passion for food to life in carefully crafted events.

Growing up, Chef Joshua Ferris recalls always being around food. He spent a lot of time cooking with his grandmother on his mom’s side, who he describes as a fantastic cook and a big inspiration for his current career. After spending some time working in the finance industry, Chef Ferris decided to follow his passion for food. He went to Italy, where he received his culinary degree and spent time cooking in a Michelin 2-star restaurant. Then, to continue cooking while also traveling, Chef Ferris started a private chef business. In his work, he strives to curate an elite dining experience in the comfort of a client’s home, jet or yacht. For him, the experience surrounding the food is essential. 

“Of course it’s about the food — the great presentation, the great taste and all that stuff,” he says. “But it’s about the experience — actually walking into a house that is already smelling amazing, watching the chef prepare things and ask questions and get to know people.” 

Straight from the Chef
Hosting Tips 101 

1. When working with a small space for food displays, use risers to elevate your display with lots of height. You can use everyday household items as risers such as boxes of crackers, books or sturdy baskets. Be sure to have a nice splash linen to cover these household items. 

2. Make sure that the flow of your event keeps your guests moving throughout the space. You can accomplish this by setting up food stations in different rooms, set up a bar in the backyard, provide activities such as corn hole to keep your party interactive. 

3. When planning an outdoor event, be sure to be conscious of what kinds of food you are serving. Items like cheese boards and fish do not do well outside in summer heat. Look at items that are fresh and light and can be served room temperature. 

4. When planning your food to be ready by a certain time, allow yourself 30 minutes of extra timing. Something always comes up!