Shaken Not Stirred 9

We bought a drink for Denver’s top movers and shakers and asked them their secret recipe to being big in business.

Kevin Mancini, Co-Founder of Signet Jewelry

What’s your recipe for pushing industry boundaries?


There is no set recipe for pushing industry boundaries…only ingredients and a passion to make something unique and special. Growing up in an Italian family, I never saw my dad or grandma use a recipe when making Sunday gravy (sauce). It was all done by feel, taste and passion. This approach has stayed with me my entire life.

The ingredients for pushing industry boundaries? You need to be comfortable with risk-taking to try new things. Drive is another core ingredient to push yourself to not accept status quo and challenge conventional practices and thinking. You need creativity to always put the customer first and think of ways to enhance their experience. And finally, you have to be passionate about what you do. Your customers and strategic partners should feel that positive energy in your brand and your actions.

Koan Goedman, Owner of Huckleberry Roasters, Bar Fausto

What’s your recipe for balancing work and family?


To be honest, I’m not sure there is one—and, if there is, we haven’t found it. The hospitality industry demands flexibility and our family decided to embrace that. We don’t have it 100% dialed in, but rolling with the punches has its perks—whether that means the whole family treks down to Huckleberry for coffee & breakfast together, or we scrap dinner plans at home in favor of an early happy hour at Bar Fausto. Maybe there’ll be a time when home life separates from the businesses, but flowing smoothly together feels good, too.

Daniel Louis, Owner of Revampt Goods

What’s your recipe for spotting opportunities?


I permanently keep my eyes and ears open, which helps nurture innovation. With Revampt, I am regularly engaging with customers, artists and vendors, you need to be able to recognize the creativity in every person. You never know where opportunity will come. However, it is constantly knocking on the door. Keeping your mind open allows for you to harness opportunity when it arises.

JC Buck, Architectural Photographer

What’s your recipe for capturing the essence of a building?


We spend our lives interacting with architecture. We were born in buildings, and we live in them, we work in them, we are surrounded by the built environment constantly. But, how often do we observe buildings? That’s the recipe. I have an insane amount of patience and am very perceptive by nature. By spending time, hours, sometimes days with a building, I begin to see details, shapes, light, shadows and how people interact within and around the architecture. For me, it’s this exercise that leads to capturing the essence of a building.

Delroy Gill, Founder of DenverGents, Broker Associate at LIV Sotheby’s International Realty, Denver Suitsupply Brand Ambassador

What’s your recipe for being a gentleman?


A gentleman should never have to self-proclaim as one. Allow your actions, manners and moral principles to speak volumes about your character. The foundation is simple—have the will to do the right thing and serve without any expectation of reward. This is why I love being around the DenverGents we all share these beliefs common.

Brandon Kass, ‎Executive Director at ‎Community Sailing of Colorado

What’s your recipe for running a tight ship?


I rely on a few key ingredients to make sure our operations are sailing smoothly. First, getting the right people on board. I am fortunate to have an amazing team around me who works tirelessly during our season and wear lots of hats. Setting our team up for success by teaching, training, sharing and knowing the expectations is key. The last ingredient is passion. The excitement my team brings every day is contagious, and it amazes me to see how they overcome challenges and continue to love what they do. The passion for sharing sailing continues to drive our entire organization to do what we love, teach sailing!

Shane Stickel, President/CEO of Presidential Worldwide

What’s your recipe for keeping calm under pressure?


First and foremost, surround yourself with people smarter than you in hopes of limiting these situations in the first place!

When they do arise, always take a breath and a step back before reacting. Typically your first reaction is not the most favorable. Gather all information, investigate and proceed with a clear head.

Understand you have been here before and most likely will be here again—probably sooner than you’d like! Trust your gut…and your abilities…and turn pressure into a motivator.

After the situation is resolved, a Manhattan is typically the proper recipe to relax.

Daniel Armitage and Darin Combs, Co-Founders of Armitage & McMillan

What’s your recipe for timeless style?


Daniel Armitage – I think the most important part of the recipe is to not overthink it. If you keep it simple and feel good in what you’re wearing, it’ll show in the way you carry yourself. If the emphasis is on the fit and you’re not chasing a trend, it’ll be timeless in the end and will always hold up.


Darin Combs – My recipe for timeless style includes sticking with the basics. I think every guy should have a plain white or black tee, a striped shirt and a pair of nice fitting jeans or chinos in their wardrobe. These items have proven themselves time and time again. Keeping it simple is always in style.