Life is complicated externally and, even more so, internally. Every day my internal dialogue is arguing about who I am as an individual. Social? Sometimes. Anxious? Almost always. Driven? At times. Although there’s one thing about myself, I know. It’s the working block of who I am:

A Woman.  

Cover artist Michelle Robinson (@mister_michelle) defines women “as resilient, nurturing, and capable of withstanding life’s adversities.”

During her interview, she mentioned how as she grew older, “I awakened to the power and force of the feminine through my own understanding of self.”

Like Michelle, and all of the women in this issue, they’ve found themselves through fierce femininity. With the starting block of womanhood, each complex, unique identity is created which blows away the dictionary definition or societal stereotypes of womanhood.

The cover art titled “Equilibrium” is symbolic for the annual “women’s issue.” Finding the balance in the hustle and bustle and trial and tribulations of life.

From the artist herself, she tells us a bit about the piece “Equilibrium.”

Michelle Robinson: I can clearly recall the moment the image appeared in my mind. Late in the evening as I was lounging on my couch, a figure bent gracefully with purpose towards the earth and balancing a celestial sphere on her back appeared suddenly in my mind like a strike of lightning. I quickly stood up, scurried over to my work table, laid a fresh sheet of watercolor paper down and eagerly started sketching. Immediately, the lines and shapes united harmoniously and with intention. Then, I scanned my collection of acrylic paints, and the four sultry earth tones chose me. Excitedly, I whipped out my brushes and painted through the night…sleep would have to wait! My vision soon became a living symbol — a symbol of balance. The sphere floats perfectly centered as if weightless on her rounded spine. Her pose is supported by strong limbs that are firmly planted into the earth. She is unwavering. She reminds us that “Equilibrium” can be achieved within the hustle and bustle of life.