Denver’s top movers and shakers leave love notes for their fathers, mentors, colleagues, past selves and you…

You can plan and ponder — that’s all good — but it’s truly more important to get in there and do. 

I have what I like to call a “busy brain.” I’m always dreaming up beautiful treasures that I hope my customers will fall in love with. Some days are very long and filled with nail-biting and white knuckles, as we careen dangerously close to tippling over deadlines, but when the dust settles, it makes you go ahhhhh… 

Go chase that muse. She makes her appearance graciously and swiftly, but like any creative knows, you never know when she’ll return. I still wonder if she’ll appear again when I have a momentary creative block, but trust me, it’s a part of the process. When you catch your breath and have time to sit back and enjoy what you’ve made, you’ll know it was worth the work.

Do. Listen. Question. Learn. Succeed. Fail. Meditate. Breathe. Love. Eat real food. Repeat,

Margot Elena

Brand author of Lollia, Toykomilk, The Cottage Greenhouse, Library of Flowers, Love & Toast, Me Life + Home 


I’ve heard your stories, Dad. 

An Irish immigrant growing up in Harlem: as soon as you graduated from high school, you worked a summer as a bartender and saved up all your money. At the end of that summer, you took your earnings to a bus station and asked how far away from New York City they would take you. It was Santa Fe, New Mexico.  

What a huge leap of faith to leave everything you knew. I think of that often when I take a deep breath and take a chance.

That’s what I’ve done in my career: take chances.

From stock trader to sales to real estate — San Francisco to Denver — I finally landed on the right one.

But as exciting as transitioning can be, when I see my clients take those next steps in their lives, I know how overwhelming it can be. 

Just breathe and take a chance. This is the lesson you’ve taught me, and now I pass it on every day. 


Megan Mayfield

Managing partner and broker associate, Madison & Company Properties


Do you know why I created Bad News Babes Social Club? Because of women like you: working hard and unapologetically walking their own path to create lives and futures they are proud of. 

Do you know why I went to school to be a nail technician? I want to be a better boss to you. Working by your side every day and seeing how physically and mentally demanding this work can be has been the most eye-opening learning experiences of my life!

From owning our businesses and raising babies, to learning how to be great partners and mothers: I learn from you, too — failures and all. 

You make me want to work harder every day to continually create a healthy and happy environment — you have and always will continue to influence my career.

Your number one supporter,

Tran Wills 

Founder, Base Coat Nail Salon + Bad News Babes Social Club


There’s never enough time in the day, is there?

Coffee. Exercise. More coffee. Clients. Phone calls. Errands — how do we keep the energy and creativity up in the chaos we call life?

For me, the answer is mornings. In the morning, I knock out my most mentally-intensive tasks. I find comfort in order, and that allows me space to relax and let my mind think through more creative, big-picture ideas and aspirations. I read and find inspiration everywhere: travel, food, design, and of course, a lot of Instagram. 

There’s always more we could be doing: more press coverage we could garner for our clients; more ideas to bring to the table; more industry innovations to follow and implement; more to give ourselves

Keep pushing yourself forward, and never be satisfied.


Aubrey Gordon

President and founder, Sprocket Communications

“Top PR Company” and “Top Social Media Company” by AdClub Denver (2014-18)


Some bars can come off as pretentious and unwelcoming to people who maybe don’t know as much about wine and spirits — but that’s ridiculous!

You have to do something different. That’s what I did…

I created an environment where my guests would feel welcome to explore different wines and expand their horizons free of judgment. I’ve done and continue to do everything I can to break down barriers in this business. I created a concept and executed it in my own way.

That is an essential part of being an entrepreneur: being willing to break the mold.

So, put yourself out there. Believe in yourself and work harder than everyone else, and you can and will be successful. That “success ” may not look exactly like what you had originally imagined (bar helix is a perfect example), but you can accomplish the goals you set for yourself. 

With love + champagne,

Kendra Anderson

Owner, bar helix + Swirl Girl Enterprises

Certified Advanced Sommelier, named “Best New Bar” by Westword’s Best of Denver (2018) 


My family struggled. I didn’t have the finer things. I suppose you could say I was the salt of the earth — “hillbilly,” and proud of it. 

But one of the most difficult decisions of my life was choosing to leave my career in Ionizing Radiology. I was being exposed to radiation day in and day out. Dark circles, rashes, immunity issues — my eyebrows even fell out at one point; I felt I was dying… 

I wanted to be healthy and live. Where could I go with radiology background? 

The light side: a place where collagen grows, skin damage is reversed, and human cells flourish. You got it — lasers, visible light, and non-ionizing medical aesthetics. It ended up being a perfect marriage after a difficult divorce year.

From a fire within, the hillbilly peach blossomed.

In love and light,

Dawnyel Himes, RT, CLT, LSO

Mad Peaches


It all comes full circle and makes perfect sense in retrospect: you’re an odd child, and that has made me into the entrepreneur I am today.

I remember you roaming about on your own, soaking in the world, collecting stones, and reading books about their healing benefits. You harvest and grind barks and berries, concocting beauty potions; make your own yogurt and use it for facial mask treatments; make floral facial steams; and put the neighbor’s mint and vanilla extracts in lotions to give little spa style massages — you aren’t like other children. 

No, but you’re forming inklings of the apothecary artisan you’re going to be.  

These things that you’ve created, I’ve not stopped since.

In health + beauty,

Brandy Monique

Founder, FIG+YARROW, Good Bower

Meet the Artist

Katie Vuletich | @kvuletich

Describe your artistic edge.

I am not afraid to try new things even if it means failing. To me, failure is as essential to my art as it is to my life. 

Your muse?

Artists often see themselves as bringing art into a community; but, I believe that art already exists in the rich and complex culture of a place. 

How would you explain your use of color?

Vivid! Color is just so much fun! Even the slightest adjustment in light can change the way we perceive something.

How can others commission work in the future?

Commissions make great gifts! Whether it’s a small-scale pet portrait or large-scale portrait mural, I do it all. You can contact me directly at or via my website at