How Kevin Mancini and Carol Ferguson’s new boutique Signet Jewelry is bringing a stunningly unique selection to Cherry Creek.

For Kevin Mancini and Carol Ferguson, naming their store was not a task they took lightly. They wanted a moniker that would encompass their purpose: to provide profoundly unique style statements for men and women alike. As they sifted through options, they were struck by the notion of the signet ring: historically, signet rings were used as personal signatures; they denoted nobility and status and made their mark on some of the most important documents of the ages. Today, they act as a kind of personal brand, representing an individual’s fraternity, family or personal style. Now, the aptly named Signet Jewelry is putting down roots in Cherry Creek, and Mancini and Ferguson could not be more thrilled.

The two owners are both life-partners and business partners, parlaying their successful wholesale jewelry business into their first official store. For years they have worked with stores across the country, paying close attention to those they admired and using them as inspiration. Ferguson is a jewelry designer, and her 18 years in the industry have earned her a keen eye for especially remarkable pieces.

Through Signet, Mancini and Ferguson have sought to create a distinct customer experience. The boutique is modern, featuring warm decor and mindful customer amenities, such as a chic customer area to host events and consultations. In their view, looking at jewelry should be a fun, relaxed endeavor, leaving behind the sterile, imposing environments that often pervade the industry.

Signet boasts a carefully curated collection of fashion, artisan and fine jewelry at a range of price points, wanting to be known for having “something for everyone.” The boutique’s imaginative offering includes artists like Boulder’s Todd Reed, whose artisanal luxury collections offer a unique alternative to traditional jewelry with “alternative bridal” collections, one-of-a-kind pieces, men’s jewelry, and accessories. Aside from jewelry, Signet also features complimentary lifestyle objects, such as handblown glass from Italy, and botanic cubes crafted in Asia.

Above all, Mancini explains, Signet’s selection is entirely unique to Denver. They have fostered exclusive relationships with numerous artists, with 4-5 local artists featured at any given time. The two owners are very particular about who they work with, as they are committed to supporting sustainable sourcing and environmentally-conscious practices.

Mancini and Ferguson feel their ultimate goal is to connect with the community. They have already made strides in this regard, partnering with local chefs and restaurateurs like Troy Guard, who they worked with for their March 7th Grand Opening. They’re also hosting public events, like their upcoming “Mixology and Metals,” where people can come enjoy fun mixology recipes while learning about sustainable sourcing of metals and stones. 

Signet Jewelry is already making its mark on Denver, providing a new, fresh take on jewelry. Their distinctive boutique is a welcome addition to the Cherry Creek community.