A Special Ride in Prestige 
Import’s 911 Turbo.

When first thinking of sports cars, the first few words that came to mind were: compact, cramped and of course, fast. Driving the 911 Turbo from Porsche proved that while sports cars are fast and typically small in stature, those elements do not have to compromise comfort and confidence. 

Prestige Imports is the oldest Porsche and Audi dealership in the Rocky Mountain region. Their enthusiasm for the Porsche brand was evident as soon as I walked through the dealership doors. Porsche Sales Manager at Prestige Imports Gregg Sunfield’s understanding of the Turbo 911 and passion for Porsche served as a testament to why Porsche repeatedly ranks high in customer reviews for customer satisfaction and reliability. 

Now to the test drive. While the option to speed up was certainly present, I never felt out of control. Transitioning from lower speeds on neighborhood roads to the highway, I felt a sense of trust between my foot on the accelerator and the car’s response to my adjustments. While talking with Sunfield, he explained that in this car a sense of control for the driver remains intact the faster you go. 

Once I slid into the driver’s seat, I immediately felt a sense of comfort. Not only because the leather seats themselves were smooth and soft to the touch, but I was able to slide seats and mirrors to the precise angle that I felt most supported. This ease in adjustment made the short drive feel as natural as a drive in my own car. The car has over 200 options to customize to your preference, down to selecting the color of stitching that runs along the dashboard. 

Living in Colorado, a car’s drivability in snowy conditions is a common concern. Since the 911 Turbo has all-wheel drive, all that’s required are proper snow tires and it is winter ready. Sunfield also mentioned that one could drive 911 Turbo to the Tetons for a weekend or on a long road trip to Las Vegas without feeling a need to take a break to stretch your legs every couple hours. 

This car reacted smoothly and quickly to whatever situation I was in, no matter how fast or slow, highway or city street. The 911 Turbo proves that where there is speed, there can also be comfort and trust while in the driver’s seat.