Here’s some insight in how to incorporate warm tones into your home and closet courtesy of Lolo Rugs and Gifts, and a color and print enthusiast blogger (we love!) Alena Gidenko of @modaprints.

Rugs can encapsulate the desired mood for a certain room with its different colors, patterns or fibers utilized. Since wood floors have become increasingly popular over the years, rugs are a unifier, connecting various pieces of a room together, like the fabric of the couch and pillows atop it. 

When speaking with Aytekin Tenekeci, from Lolo Rugs and Gifts in Cherry Creek, he explained the different natural materials utilized in different rugs. There are rugs made from wool and cotton, wool and silk or simply silk on silk. The silk gives a shine to the rug, enhancing its vibrancy so it’s not lost among other decor in the room. Cotton paired with wool makes the rug more flat, since wool has a natural tendency to curl. 

Already in 2018, Tenekeci has noticed an overwhelming desire for more color while customers select rugs for their homes. Previously, there was a high demand for cool, calming colors like blue, charcoal and gray. Gradually, he has noticed people want to add other, warmer colors to the mix, like red, orange, gold and coral. While choosing a particular rug can be primarily dependent on the decor of the room itself, he believes the increased draw to color is due to how people feel as the year began. 

“There is a psychology to it,” Tenekeci explains. “This comes from the media…So when you have more depressing news going on in the world, you like to keep quiet in the house too. If there is positive news, people are happy this year and everyone feels good so some people like to be more positive and see more color in their place.” 

Read on to discover more about different rugs and which style best fits your unique living space. 

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