Bursting with color and character, Liz Richards’ LoHi townhome (KNOWN AS, #MALIBUBEACHHOUSELOHI) is truly a modern masterpiece.

Liz Richards takes where she lives very seriously. As a real estate agent at Kentwood Properties, Richards has seen more than her fair share of beautiful homes. She firmly believes that the home one chooses should have nothing to do with money, and everything to do with design. “Our homes,” she explains, “should mirror our personalities—our passions, our quirks, our likes and dislikes; they should directly reflect who we are.” Richards, for one, has masterfully accomplished this goal in her modern, glamorous LoHi townhome. 

With 14 years of experience working in the market—mixed with her talent and zeal for home design—Richards often lends her expertise to Denver developers, giving feedback and helping with finishes, floor plans and basic elements of their projects. In 2011, she did the same for the townhome that would eventually become her own. What drew her to her home was its LoHi location and its timeless design, both of which made the townhome an immediate standout.

Richards has dubbed her home the “Malibu Beach House,” a nod to its stark white exterior, minimalist adornment and sleek lines. The home’s white, gallery-esque walls act as the perfect backdrop for Richards’ extensive art collection—the impetus for the scheme of the rest of the home. The artwork adorning Richards’ walls is far more than simple decoration—each piece has a story, and each comes from an artist with whom Richards has a personal relationship. Richards is incredibly passionate about art, and she chooses pieces that, as she explains, “sing to her soul.”

Though Richards had a hand in the basic elements of her townhome, once settled in she decided to fully customize it to reflect her love for character and color. She brought in Danielle Wallinger, interior designer and founder of Studio D Design. The two women clicked instantly over their mutual obsession with design, and what began as a bedroom overhaul has come full circle into a full-blown redecoration.

Given Richards’ bold style, Wallinger was able to get really creative in her work, using both Richards’ art collection—and her vibrant personality—as inspiration. Where the outside of the home boasts a serene, coastal vibe, the interior is a riot of color: Richards’ fearless, modern-glam style is brought to life through oranges, reds, blues, fuchsias and more, all flawlessly balanced by the quiet white backdrop of the walls. Thriving in her element, Wallinger installed some truly unique elements in the home—many of which she imagined up herself. One of the most striking examples is the kitchen backsplash, which bucks tradition and features a custom wallpaper watercolor mural safely stationed behind a pane of glass. The mural boasts a multitude of swirling colors, the perfect accent for a home already bursting with personality.

Each room of Richards’ 1,750 square foot home is overtly unique. Each space was thoughtfully crafted to reflect the various facets of Richards’ personality, a task that Wallinger and Richards executed beautifully. Their combined experience, expertise and zest for design has resulted in a true LoHi gem.