Andrea Burolla Photography offering families unique portrait, art experience

Through a mashup of contemporary fine art creation and a children’s portrait experience, Andrea Burolla Photography is helping kids find new freedom and creativity while providing parents with beautiful, gallery-worthy art for their walls—and memories to last a lifetime.

The concept is messy but simple. After setting a date and agreeing on a color palette custom to the family’s home and tastes, they are invited to Burolla’s large studio space in Lakewood to play and paint. Burolla photographs the child’s fun paint exploration on an 80 square-foot paper, but the real magic happens after the family leaves. She then examines the painting in small sections looking for interesting shapes, textures and color composition and photographs them.

“It’s a special way to capture a moment in childhood and have it up on your wall for many years, most people would never guess they were actually done by your kids,” says Burolla. “It gives parents beautiful and contemporary artwork that is both artistic and sentimental by preserving a part of their child’s creativity.”

Clients receive one 20×30-inch print and can choose to upgrade size and materials. Burolla says most clients buy the digital files or a printed book of their child in action to remember the painting process, and many add art prints to create a series of two or three images together.

Inspired by the simple black and white macro images of Edward Weston, Burolla has loved photography her entire life. She says the medium provides a special ability to bring to light things we normally take for granted and compose them in a way that is visually interesting.

“Photography helps us discover the extraordinary in everyday moments,” says Burolla.

Looking ahead, Burolla plans to focus on new fundraising opportunities in 2018. She will begin selling prints via her website ( 
where a portion of sales will be donated to either St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital or Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. She has also forged a relationship with the National PKU Alliance, inviting kids who have the inherited metabolic disorder Phenylketonuria to participate in painting sessions. Their artwork will then be auctioned at a PKU fundraising gala in Denver in May. Burolla is seeking additional partnerships to help with fundraising efforts for other local charitable organizations.