Oh, the month of February. It’s short, sweet and filled with sweets (thanks for the handout, Hallmark). Valentine’s Day is a bit of a gimmick for card companies, but at least it makes you reflect on who, or what, you love. 

It only made sense to meet makers this month, because if there’s one thing we learned through these interviews and photo shoots, it’s that these makers pour their heart and soul into their craft. 

Meet Marsha Robinson, gracing the cover this month. She’s a self-taught artist and designer behind Strange Dirt (@strangedirt), creating whimsical yet complex botanical textiles reminiscent of the Art-Deco era. Plenty of pops of color and designs to die for. 

Then there’s husband/wife team Jon and Deana Ketchum who create perfectly crafted furniture through their woodworking studio, New Collar Goods (@new_collar_goods). 

And the third maker featured as part of this month’s feature is bada** Bonnie Gregory. Making use of her hands bending metals is the norm for this adventurous mother of two. 

There are also other artists featured between these pages (Winter Session, Will Day, Andrea Burolla, to name a few) and many other designers and makers we couldn’t fit this month. We hope these pages, photos and stories inspire you to seek what you love. This issue was made with love.