Winter Session’s mission to, “make things for people who care about how things are made,” creates an intentional approach both in and out of their warehouse in RiNo. Husband and wife team Roy Katz and Tanya Fleisher founded the company in 2010 and carry a wide variety of beautifully, carefully hand-crafted leather and wax canvas goods. Fleisher’s art and design background coupled with Katz’s architectural background makes for a balanced dynamic while visualizing each product and bringing it to fruition. They believe, “how we choose to be in the world matters.” So it’s no surprise their company, its products, and their lifestyle reflects this intention. Take a peek at a day’s work for Winter Session.

6:50 AM  Alarm goes off. Peek out the window to see if the sun’s up (it’s not). Push snooze.

7:00 AM  Alarm goes off again. Time to get up for real.

7:05 AM  Shower. Stretch. Feed Nova (our dog). Make breakfast (usually oatmeal with nuts and berries) and pour over coffee (usually Huckleberry). Hard boil some eggs.

7:45 AM  Meditate before breakfast.  

8:15 AM  Leave for work

9:00 AM  Get to work and start a pot of coffee (we don’t go far to get our beans, since we are co-tenants with Spur Coffee!).

9:15 AM  Roll out our chalkboard, fill our coffee mugs and sit down for our daily team meeting, where we catch up on gossip and go over our tasks for the day.

11:00 AM  Start second pot of coffee.

11:05 AM  Check in with production team; one of our sewing machines has been acting up again. Decide to wait until after recess to fix it.

11:30 AM  Recess bell rings

12:05 PM  Laser cut wallet pieces for an order from our newest wholesale account in Hawaii.

1:35 PM  Respond to email from a customer who just placed an order for a Day Pack and wants to know if we can rush the shipment to arrive in time for her boyfriend’s birthday. We can! Pack up her order and put the box by the door.

1:55 PM  Eat lunch outside on the bench on the back side of our building (the sunny side).

2:20 PM  Walk down the dock to check the mail. Call Dad to say hi.

2:45 PM  Drop off fabric (i.e. roll a cart down the dock) to get screen printed at A Small Print Shop, our neighbors.

2:55 PM  Make tea. Sneak some chocolate from the chocolate drawer.

4:15 PM  Put away dishes in our shared kitchen. Water plants (we have a LOT of plants).

4:30 PM  Drive home and drop off second round of boxes to post office on the way.

4:45 PM  Take Nova for a walk around our neighborhood before it gets dark.

6:40 PM  Start making dinner and decide to keep it simple: veggie miso soup topped with fried egg.

6:45  PM Feed Nova.

7:15 PM  Lay down on couch and scroll through Instagram and News feed. Resist temptation to check email.

7:30 PM  Meditate.

8:20 PM  Work on travel plans for our upcoming trip to Mexico City + LA. Find Airbnb spot that looks promising.

9:25 PM  Make list of shops to visit and people to see in LA (we haven’t been back since we lived there 12 years ago!).

9:55 PM  Plug in phone to charge. Pick up guitar and tune. Practice chord transitions for Justin Beiber song (acoustic version).

10:25 PM  Brush teeth and get in bed. Start reading but don’t get very far before we start to fall asleep.

10:45 PM  Set alarm. Turn out light and ZZZZZZzzzzzz