The Hottest Trends in Fitness 9

A Q&A about what you need to know from the trendsetters themselves

Beth Bedingfield 
- Owner // Transform Colorado

Q: So let’s learn a little bit about you. 

A: I’m a Colorado native. I moved to L.A. to go to school at Pepperdine where I ran track and cross-country. Fitness has always been a big part of my life, so when I was going through a period of not really knowing what I wanted to do and stumbled across the LaGree method.

Q: How did you stumble across something like this? 

A: I walked by a studio and saw a sign advertising for your first class free. I went in, tried it and immediately became addicted and was certified two months later. I was asked to be a master instructor by the creator of this method — there are only five masters in the nation. Before I became a master instructor, I was training celebrities in L.A. 

Q: Please, let’s do some name dropping. Which 
celebrities have you trained? 

A: I’ve trained two Victoria’s Secret models, Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, Meghan Markle, Sofia Vergara, Hilary Duff, Hayden Panettiere, David Beckham, Kate Hudson and Calvin Harris. I trained Alessandra and Adriana privately for three years to get them ready for the fashion show. They’re so sweet. 

Q: Honestly, I’ve never heard of LaGree before. 

A: You’d be surprised how many people come in and have never heard of it. It’s still so new. 

Q: What exactly is it?

A: People think it’s pilates. It’s not. It’s its own patented method. It focuses on slow, controlled movements which work the muscle to failure by using time and tension, which is performed on a megaformer. But it’s also high-intensity and works all five components of fitness in each exercise.

Q: What do you love most about this method? 

A: My favorite part about this method is that there is absolutely no impact on your joints or spine whatsoever. It is very hard to injure yourself with this training as long as you’re doing it correctly. It’s strengthening and lengthening. It’s also just such a humbling workout because of its intensity. 

Q: Do you still run?

A: I don’t run at all anymore since I’ve started LaGree. I had a lot of injuries from running, and honestly, I feel like I look better now than ever.  

Q: What would you tell someone like me, a total beginner, to expect coming into a class?

A: Definitely do your research first so that you know what you’re getting into. Expect the most intense strength class of your life and always go at your own pace.  

“You’d be surprised how many people come in and have never heard of it. It’s still so new.” -Beth Bedingfield, Transform Colorado 

Vinnie Lopez 
- Owner // Vital Strength & Fitness

Q: So who is Vinnie Lopez?

A: I’m an ex mixed martial arts fighter, and I opened this gym shortly after I retired in 2013. It’s been my passion ever since. 

Q: What do you consider your style? 

A: It’s a very no-nonsense approach to getting better at life, not just in the gym. It’s sometimes aggressive, sometimes loving, but always full of truth and encouragement to be better than you were yesterday. I take a lot of the coaching that I had as a fighter, some of the best coaching in the world, and I have implemented it into my own style here at this gym and when I trained UFC fighters.

Q: Tell me about your Vital Strike Club. What does that involve? 

A: Vital Strike Club is a fun, welcoming atmosphere to learn real-world techniques for combat and self-defense. We focus on striking, punching, kicking, elbows and knees — both how to throw them correctly and how to protect yourself. 

Q: What would you say to someone who has never fought in their life, but wants to learn? 

A: Come in with an open mind, a heart that’s ready to work and be patient because fighting is a science. It takes time.

Q: How has fighting changed your life? 

A: When I found fighting and striking, it was literally a catalyst to save my life. It did something to me and gave me something to get good at and release inner demons.

Q: What do you think the biggest 
misconception is about fighters?

A: Their temperament. Most of the fighters are very loving and are only aggressive when they have to be. 

“Come in with an open mind, a heart that’s ready to work and be patient because fighting is a science. It takes time.” -Vinnie Lopez, Vital Strength & Fitness

Lisa and Saul Locker 
- Owners  // CycleBar

Q: How did you find CycleBar? 

A: (Lisa) We’re both workout enthusiasts. We travel quite a bit, and during our travels, we saw the excitement about SoulCycle and FlyWheel. We looked for something like that in Denver, but couldn’t find anything. We wanted boutique fitness, dark studios and high energy. That’s what brought us to the CycleBar franchise!

Q: What makes CycleBar different than just 
a spin class?

A: (Saul) Most spin classes are tied to a gym. This is a separate entity. It’s personal. The stadium seating and loud music is unlike any spin class you may do. Our bikes are more advanced, and you can track your personal progress.

Q: How big is a typical class?

A: (Lisa) Each studio can hold 48-52 bikes, 52 being the max. It’s one large studio with great energy and loud music.

Q: Who are Cycle Stars?

A: (Lisa) Cycle Stars are our coaches. They’re cycle celebrities and are the ones who create and keep our following with their individual style and personality. 

Q: What excites you most about spinning and this CycleBar venture? 

A: (Lisa) You’re so busy in your day, every day. With CycleBar, you can have a blast and spin your brains out for 45 minutes to great music all with a common goal. Then you’re done. And you feel terrific. It’s that concept that excites me. 

Q: CycleBar is very community driven — how so? 

A: (Saul) CycleBar is a community within itself. You become family. (Lisa) But what makes us special is our philanthropic work and our charity rides. Giving back to the community is important to us and what we love to do!