15-Minute Workout 9

Meet Eric Evans, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Trainer at the Denver Athletic Club. The following 15-minute booty buster is an easy workout to incorporate into a new year and new you.

Now that we’re coming off of another holiday season, a primary focus in life for countless people is to get back into (or get in better) shape. I’ve always found success with my clients when we put a focus on the commitment first and then fill in the details as we go along. An excellent way to establish that commitment is to start with smaller blocks of time designated to your training. The following 15-minute booty blasting workout puts a primary focus on those glutes. This booty busting workout can be done at home or even on the road. The only equipment you’ll need is a chair.


Start from the top and work down through the circuit 3X for a complete workout. If you want to increase the intensity and get a little bit of a cardio benefit, move from exercise to exercise without any defined rest interval! This workout can be done every other day to put a heavy focus on developing the glutes and complemented with a workout on opposite days that focus on a pulling motion.

1. Lunges + squat (x10) – 
 alternate lunges and squat

2. Hip thrusters (x10) –
 from the floor or a couch

3. Hip sequence (20/20/15/15/10)

Starting on your side

10 hip abductors / 10 knee drives (turn over to your stomach)

10 bent knee hip extensions / 10 leg swings

*repeat for the opposite leg*

4. Pushups x 15

5. Chair dips x 15