Snowed | In 11

The Outlook Lodge is picture perfect setting for any unexpected snowstorm this winter

Growing up in Kansas City, Missouri, I remember the ultimate gift each winter: a snow day announcement on the local news. A highly anticipated sigh of relief from school. The first thing my brother and I would do is hop on the phone with friends to plan where we would gather for the day. My mom always found this humorous, that a day so ideal for snuggling on the couch would be spent stepping out into the biting cold and slick road conditions. I have weathered three winters here in Colorado. While I’m not shocked by the amount of snow that falls each time, I have come to appreciate a snuggled up at home with warm coffee, a good book or watching a light-hearted movie with my roommates. 

To enhance the coziness that accompanies snowfall imagine what being snowed in nestled among mountain scenery at a lodge, ready to fulfill any lacking comforts. I had the opportunity to travel just 15 minutes outside of Colorado Springs to The Outlook Lodge in Green Mountain Falls. 

There is minimal noise due to its location and the surrounding, small town. The main house at The Outlook Lodge is complete with a spacious veranda decorated with a couple rocking chairs and couch. It’s the perfect place to sit with girlfriends, wrapped in blankets while enjoying a bottle of wine. Once you walk through the front door, there are tall bookshelves full of books and a basket of games including Uno, Scrabble and a deck of playing cards. Plush seating lines the row of large windows, providing ample sunlight into the living room. This truly allows you to settle into a home away from home, complete with a kitchen in the next room in case you snagged groceries on your way into town. 

If you begin to feel cabin fever sinking in and have proper winter gear, there are some restaurants just down the street from The Outlook Lodge. Within a five minute walk, you’ll find a little strip of stores and restaurants. The Pantry serves breakfast until the early afternoon, and their cinnamon roll is something you won’t want to miss, trust me. The Blue Moose serves beer or cocktails to relieve winter’s chill. I decided to take one of their pizza’s to go that I enjoyed while watching a movie in my room.  

If you’re craving a sweet treat, the s’mores package is a worthy indulgence. Graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate and fire roasting sticks can be delivered to your room and assembled to your satisfaction around the fire pit just beyond the kitchen door. The pit provides a prime stargazing spot. Feeling like an adventure before dessert? The surrounding hills make for some perfect sledding destinations, simply call the concierge for assistance. 

Whether in the mood for a cozy day in your room with a good read and TV, ready to explore a sleepy, mountain town or go sledding in the freshly fallen snow — The Outlook Lodge is prepared to make your snowed in experience feel like a home away from home.