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Armitage & McMillan is on a mission to provide men with simple, contemporary and classic fashion staples that will last a lifetime.

Daniel Armitage and Darin McMillan became friends in Junior High when they lived in a small Oklahoma town. They both worked in New York City as vintage buyers before they got the itch to open up their own store, Armitage & McMillan.

“Most people had an exit city,” says Armitage about New York City. “In Denver, we thought it was really about to explode with this DIY scene. Denver is in the perfect place to be like the next Portland.”

“And so far we’ve been right,” adds McMillan.

Armitage and McMillan were heavily influenced by their younger years skateboarding and being in the music scene, and have used those inspirations as the basis of their clothing store.

“When people grow out of the [skateboarding] scene a little bit, they are still attracted to the clothing without being some super fashion guy and can still be interested in a small brand making classic clothing,” says Armitage.

Roughly 70 percent of the clothing sold in Armitage and McMillan is USA-based. They feature brands such as Unis New York, A.P.C, Norse Projects, Winter Session and PF Flyer Shoes. They also have a first-of-its-kind stop-and-shop with Steven Alan optical, where they offer classic and contemporary glasses and sunglasses.

The LoHi shop was designed by McMillan, who found vintage and antique furniture and took inspiration from Brooklyn and Japan to create a welcoming, comfortable environment for their customers.

Armitage and McMillan have big plans for the future of the brand. In what they call an “obvious and natural procession,” they plan to launch their own in-house line this holiday season. Produced in Dallas, Texas, Armitage and McMillan will sell classic shirts and provide outerwear, knits and other clothing items in 2018. They hope by this time next year; their store will be stocked with 70 percent in-house merchandise.

The clothing line will be “stylish, but not flashy,” says McMillan. And “the staple pieces that anchor every guy’s closet,” adds Armitage.

Armitage and McMillan also plan on bulking up their home goods section. They want to be a one-stop shop that immerses you in the whole experience of a lifestyle store.

The two friends dream that Armitage & McMillan is the store men shop at to find their simple, contemporary, classic pieces—the forever items you cherish for a lifetime.  

“People can really overthink men’s clothing,” says Armitage. “Just make it fit well,” adds McMillan.