Chef Dane's Kitchen 2

Luxury Dining in the Comfort of Your Living Room

Dane Hiett, a Seattle native, founded Chef Dane’s Kitchen in Denver this past June. Hiett’s passion for cooking began as a child when he frequently would follow his mother around the kitchen as she cooked. 

“She always cooked these awesome meals for us!” Dane remembers fondly. The food itself, as well as the way his mother created a space for his family to come together and relax, left a lasting impression on Hiett, and convinced him that some of the best memories are made when friends and family come together to eat.

Hiett’s dedication to cooking has taken him to many different places within the food industry – from dishwashing to serving as a consultant chef for Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible. Hiett first began working in restaurants when he was 15-years-old as a dishwasher and hasn’t left the industry since. 

“I can’t see myself ever sitting behind a desk,” says Hiett. “Cooking can be a stressful job, but it’s fun and leaves you with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.” 

Since his dishwashing days, Hiett spent eight years working at the Four Seasons Hotel Restaurant in Santa Barbara, CA and Vail, CO. After his time at the Four Seasons, Hiett co-founded Red Maple Catering in Vail. With the dream of bringing small-scale, restaurant-quality catering into people’s homes, Hiett then moved on to found Chef Dane’s Kitchen in Denver. 

The mission of Chef Dane’s Kitchen is to bring fine dining into people’s homes, creating dining experiences that allow people to relax without the hassle of going out, drink their own wine without worrying about alcohol markups, and enjoy the company of friends and family in an intimate setting. During their Private Dinner events, Chef Dane’s Kitchen takes care of everything from setting the table to cleaning up after the meal, making dinner as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Hiett is also excited to be offering both holiday cooking classes as well as Thanksgiving catering services this season. In his holiday cooking classes, Hiett plans to offer a mix of traditional and less traditional dishes, making the classes an opportunity to perfect holiday staples while also bringing something novel to the Thanksgiving table. With their Thanksgiving catering services, the company can drop off prepped meals with instructions for warming the food or stay throughout the entire meal and take care of table settings, washing dishes, and all the other tasks that contribute to a successful Thanksgiving dinner. In keeping with their mission, Chef Dane’s Kitchen will help make your Thanksgiving a relaxing time to simply enjoy being surrounded by those that mean the most.