My Name is Lolita 2

Organic experiences inspired by cocktails with Cocktail Caravan

Images of vintage caravan bars started appearing on Crystal Sagan’s social media a few years ago. At the time, she owned a beverage catering company (under the name, “3 Chicks Bartending”) and was popping up tabletop bars at every event she worked.

“The idea of a having such a cool bar that we could take from one event to another was both an inspiring dream and challenging obstacle,” says Sagan.

But, after finding a 1969 Aljo Vintage Trailer, stripping it down to bare bones and transforming it into a mobile bar complete with a drop-in ice bin, refrigerator and all the necessities of a functional bar, in the spring of 2017, “Lolita” the cocktail caravan was born.

“It took a lot of logistical work to put all the pieces together, but in the end, was worth every drop of sweat.”

Cocktail Caravan is a full-service beverage catering and mobile bartending operation facilitating private parties, weddings, dinner parties, happy hours, large-scale corporate events and music festivals in Colorado.

“Clients have the option of having us serve out of Lolita if space allows, or a tabletop bar otherwise,” explains Sagan, who also partners with a different non-profit for an event once a month.

Clean, cursive handwriting cover the pages of Sagan’s notebook, where she keeps detailed notes and to-do lists for each affair. She’s everything you want in service for your event: fun and hip, yet organized and meticulous.

“A certain level of authenticity and hospitality goes a long way,” Sagan says. “We’re bringing on bartenders that are approachable and happy to be there connecting with guests, so everyone involved has a positive experience. Also, some serious attention to detail never hurts.”

Included in this attention to detail, Sagan creates an experience around each bar program by utilizing natural elements throughout Cocktail Caravan’s aesthetic. Rustic wooden crates filled with succulents, amethysts and candles sit ready to adorn every bar setup. Whether it be Lolita or a pop-up table, every little touch works to elevate the ambiance of each event.

Sagan was originally drawn to making specialty cocktails after years of bartending and feeling like she could create something better.

“I was finding myself wanting to drink things that were as clean and lively as my meals,” Sagan says.

“We try to utilize seasonal produce, and take into account any food that will be served with the drinks. Most of the cocktails are a result of daydreaming in the kitchen about somewhat unexpected flavors that might work well together.”

One recent recipe that comes to mind includes pineapple, carrot, red chili and lemon—served with organic vodka.

With party season almost in full swing, we hope you run into Lolita.