Setting the Stage 1

Megan Quinn Mayfield of Madison & Company Properties shares her pro tips on the easiest and most effective ways to get your house looking its best before you put it on the market

You’ve decided to list your home…now it’s time to get it ready for showings! Here are eight quick and simple ways to keep your home looking fresh and welcoming.

1 Spruce up your plants

Trim dead leaves and excess branches, clean up fallen leaves, or pick up a cute new pot. Don’t have plants? Never fear! A vase of flowers on the dining room table or in the kitchen is an easy way to make a huge difference.

2 Apply a fresh coat of paint

A new layer of paint is a quick way to clean and brighten up your home. It quickly does away with scuff and scrape marks while making the space look new.

3 Freshen your cabinet hardware

Matching knobs and handles are a subtle shift that brings cohesion to a kitchen or bathroom’s look. Make sure drawers and cabinets are opening and closing smoothly. A sticky drawer is a simple fix but could be a big turn-off for a potential buyer.

4 Re-caulk sinks and bathtubs

A good caulking job goes a long way! A tidy and cared-for bathroom makes people feel comfortable and safe. Re-caulking can make your bathroom look new.

5 Purchase new lamp shades

Spice it up with some bright colors or mix up your design. A new lampshade with a different style or color scheme can change the whole decor of a room.

6 Deep clean your home

Though it might take a little longer than new lampshades, deep cleaning your home makes a significant difference. Getting all the nooks and crannies you might miss during your routine clean brightens up your home, shows attention to detail, and reassures your potential buyers that you’ve cared well for this home.

7 Replace your faucets

A leaky faucet never bodes well, and having shiny new faucets in the bathrooms and kitchen will make the room sparkle. Hit up a nearby Home Depot or Lowes while you’re already there getting paint or new hardware for your cabinets.

8 Update carpets and rugs

Getting updated carpet or new rugs throughout the home can really change a room. A simple rug can add a pop of color, or tie together the furniture and new lamp shades perfectly. Add a few colorful pillows to tie the room together.