Harmony and Peace 4

When life’s stresses seem overwhelming, 
retreat to Jalan Facial Spa to fully unwind and restore your inner and outer glow.

There’s an old zen adage that says, “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes everyday—unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” And for me, life was swirling with business; I could barely sit down to check Instagram let alone spend the time meditating. I was past the point of reasonable, normal stress.

To calm my mind and give myself some self-love, I decided Jalan Facial Spa was the perfect retreat I needed to get out of my head and relax.
Jalan Facial Spa is in the heart of downtown Denver and centered around helping you restore and feel your best by using Eastern Asian traditions with modern skin care expertise.

Every guest at Jalan Facial Spa embarks on a self-paced journey to finding their inner harmony. First, I began my experience with a custom-blended lemongrass tea and a complimentary coconut cookie from Mama Kim—the founder of Jalan Facial Spa and owner of many restaurants throughout Eastern Asia.

Next, I was taken to soak my feet in a warm footbath. Because we were in “fire” season, my footbath had pink Himalayan salt, Epsom salt, coconut oil, and sweet orange and clove essential oils to soothe, cool and center myself.

Once I felt ready, I made my way into the meditation garden; a beautiful space with cushions and a zen garden to drop into a tranquil state. I noticed my shoulders softening and my jaw beginning to relax.

Stephanie, my esthetician, came to get me and start my 75-minute advanced facial. As a novice to facials, I showed my ignorance by getting on the bed belly-first. But Stephanie had a cheerful attitude that helped ease my embarrassment and lessen my stress even more. She examined my skin and pinpointed specific areas that needed extractions or more moisture. I quickly fell into a deep meditative state and fully relaxed throughout the entire process. By the end of the session, all stress and anxiety had vanished.

Once finished, I was taken back into the meditation garden to listen to an audio meditation that focused on healing, freedom and acceptance. Once complete, I watched soothing ocean scenes on a screen while drinking a red date tea with goji berry and dianhong.

The entire experience at Jalan Facial Spa completely unraveled my stress and helped me enter back into the busy streets of Denver with a little more inner peace.