In Food We Trust 10

Lisa Altenburg forges authentic connection with the community through food and her business, Y.Lo Catering.

Lisa Altenburg always found herself immersed in the food service or hospitality industry before she began her professional career in corporate finance. When she moved to Denver in 2004 for a corporate finance job, she kept a desire to own a restaurant, deli or wine bar in the back of her mind. When she was introduced to Yvonne Lo in 2008, the opportunity to take over her current catering business surfaced midway through their conversation. After some time and careful consideration, Altenburg left the corporate finance world and dove right in. Altenburg believes the service industry just becomes a part of you, saying: “It gets in your blood. It’s a crazy life to live, you either love it or you don’t.”

Now, nine years later, Altenburg has allowed her passion for food service to blossom as the owner of Y.Lo Epicure Catering Company. She kept the name and basic concept of Y.Lo intact from original ownership but has organically grown the business over time. As a first-time business owner with no formal culinary training, she didn’t want to get too ahead of herself. Y.Lo keeps their service centered around trust. From utilizing fresh ingredients to being on time, they cultivate a relationship with each client and ensure they are taken care of from start to finish.

“We make people happy,” Altenburg explains. “No one is upset to see us show up which is so cool. We bring joy; we bring the party.”