Hair of the Dog 1

A comment that stuck with me is when a friend visiting from Vancouver pointed out how many dogs there were when taking a stroll around Capitol Hill. I thought ‘well, I guess’ as I grasped onto my two leashes attached to Mimi the lab and Ziix, the cutest pug. If I had to guess, there’s one dog for every human.

Now that we’re in the dog days of summer and it’s too hot to even think about stepping outside, you may not see as many fur babies around, but my friend was right. There are a lot of dogs in Denver.

SmartAsset, a financial technology company based in New York, dug a little deeper into Denver’s dog-friendly reputation by creating an index based on, well, dog-friendliness. For example, how many dog parks per 100,000 residents, dog-friendly restaurants and shopping, walkability, housing costs and weather.

After crunching the numbers, Denver (90.67) came out third among a hundred major cities in the country. We just were tailing behind Las Vegas (94.20) and San Fran (100).

We didn’t have to run through an entire study to prove Denver’s love for dogs or beer for that matter. It seems like the two things that Denverites love most, which makes it a fitting theme for August.

This month, we featured dog-friendly breweries and met the four-legged best friends of local brewmasters. We also ventured up to Globeville to meet with Fort Greene bar owner Eleanor Cheetham and her two pups who inspire a weekly yappy hour. Finally, we shared a hop-infused DIY shampoo recipe that Fido will love (no promises here). The pug photographed is my dog, Ziix. He’s still demanding royalties…

The saying, ‘hair of the dog’ seems fitting enough for this letter. Because if you’re going to be jumping around sampling beers with your best friend, don’t forget to find your hangover cure.



On the Cover

Fort Greene owner Eleanor Cheetham’s dog, Gutherie and Olive.

Photography by Ladd Forde Photography