About Fort Greene 5

Regulars call Fort Greene a 
hidden gem — an apt description 
for this Globeville bar with 
plenty of unexpected surprises 
inside. We asked owner Eleanor 
Cheetham for insider secrets 
on what really makes the 
bar so special.

01 Old World Charm

The velvet, tufted sofas, art deco–inspired wallpaper and dim lighting set the scene for a cozy, vintage vibe, but the true old-school style hide in the back bar, where you’ll find an ornate bar from the 19th century.

02 Organic Authenticity

When Cheetham took over the bar, others continually asked her “what’s your concept?” in search of a straightforward label for the bar. “We just didn’t map it out that way,” she says. “We just wanted to make it an open, inviting space where people can have a really good cocktail or a cheap beer. Nothing pretentious, nothing stuffy — just somewhere everyone feels comfortable.”

03 A Neighborhood Gathering Spot

In June, Fort Greene hosted its first “Globeville Gathering” event, an extended happy hour to bring neighbors together. That includes Cheetham — she lives two blocks from the bar. A lot of her regulars are also her neighbors, who she’s formed friendships with because of the bar.

04 Fresh Faces

“There’s definitely a huge wave of new people,” Cheetham says of her clientele. Many of the Denver newbies, she says, hadn’t even heard of Globeville before coming to Fort Greene, so her bar serves as an introduction to one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods.

05 Always Dog-Friendly

Not only are dogs always welcome on Fort Greene’s back patio, but they’re even celebrated with a doggy happy hour — with a pup-friendly food truck, of course — in their honor. “I’ve been bringing my dog here since he could sit on the bar as a little puppy,” Cheetham says.

06 Always Happy Hour (If You Want It To Be)

Fort Greene has its regular weekday happy hours from 5 to 7 p.m. — get a $7 cocktail or $2 beer. But regulars can cash in on these deals at any time by buying a Fort Greene enamel pin for $10. Whenever they wear it to the bar, it’s happy hour just for them.

07 And Of Course, The Drinks

Let’s not forget what’s really important here: the libations. While you can always get a beer, Cheetham raves about her talented bartenders. Her recommendations? Order a Guthrie’s Old Fashioned (named after her pooch), a Holy Mountain (a tequila amaro drink) or their twist on a Manhattan (with an extra dash of bitters).