Biz Minded 10

Maybe it’s the emphasis on working hard to play even harder that’s so prevalent in Denver. Maybe it’s the balance of enjoying both urban city life and ample mountainous adventures and opportunities just outside the city. Maybe it’s just something about the crisp mile high air. No matter the reason, the greater Denver area attracts a huge number of exceedingly talented, driven entrepreneurs that are taking their passions, turning them into innovative businesses, and making Denver the creative, exciting, delicious city it is today.

Josh Behr

Real Estate Broker

The Behr Team, LIV Sotheby’s 
International Realty

Introduced to the real estate industry from a young age, Josh embodies the Behr Team brand and has helped drive the family company to remain the preeminent real estate advising team in the Denver area. A Denver native, Josh thrives in the Colorado landscape by effectively balancing work, play and family.

Did You Know?

  • Surfing, skiing, fly fishing and hunting are all in Josh’s sports repertoire.
  • Josh enjoys traveling internationally to pursue these outdoor adventures.
  • Josh is likewise committed to philanthropic work in the Denver area, including with First Descents and the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver.

“Growing up in a real estate-focused family and studying finance and entrepreneurship in school organically led me to a path of running my own real estate business.”

Charlie Berger & 
Patrick Crawford


Denver Beer Co.

Fueled by a love of Colorado’s craft beer culture, Charlie and Patrick founded Denver Beer Company in 2011 and were keen to create a community that reflected both the culture of Denver and their sheer joy at living in the Mile High City. With deep Denver roots, Charlie and Patrick thrive both in solving the small daily problems that arise when running a brewery and stoking their big aspirations for their business.

Did You Know?

  • Charlie is a fifth-generation Coloradoan, and Patrick was literally a rocket scientist before venturing into the business of craft beer.
  • Charlie and Patrick are big Colorado Rockies fans.
  • The first beer they ever brewed commercially is their ever-popular Graham Cracker Porter.

“We want our beer to represent Denver and bring people together. We believe the best pints are those shared with good company and a little fresh air.”

Andre Janusz


Logan House Coffee Company

After years of working for large companies in a variety of industries, from tech to construction and beyond, Andre was unexpectedly struck with inspiration and uncovered his passion both for coffee of the highest quality and the winding path that starting your own business can so often take.

Did You Know?

  • Andre was inspired to start Logan House Coffee Company after making a pit stop at a coffee roaster while riding his motorcycle to Argentina.
  • Andre’s favorite coffee comes from Burundi in Africa.
  • Andre is Canadian and proud of it!

“Our objective is to help everyone leave our coffee shop happier than when they arrived.”

Jeff Hendley

Luxury Real Estate Advisor

LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

Representing some of the most high-end homes in the Denver area, Jeff’s clients include superstar athletes and corporate executives, and his genuine passion for real estate compliments the “no filter” attitude he brings to his work and his life. Known for his laid back style of flip flops and jeans, Jeff creates a stylistic brand for each home he represents. With a creative marketing style and flair for building meaningful relationships, Jeff’s action-packed days don’t come at the expense of his highly coveted downtime.

Did You Know?

  • Though he’s typically out and about by day, Jeff is a home-body at heart.
  • An avid music lover, Jeff would be lost without Bob Marley, Zac Brown Band and hip-hop.
  • Coronado Island in San Diego is Jeff’s favorite vacation spot.

“Real estate deals are full of high anxiety. Being able to temper those emotions and drive the deal forward with a calm approach leads to greater success and more satisfied clients.”

Nick Shigouri


Shigouri Woodworking

Harnessing the homegrown “hustler’s spirit” ingrained in him as a youth, Nick dropped everything to pursue his passion for woodworking in 2013. Leveraging the amply supportive maker community in Denver to highlight his old-world aesthetic, Nick lets the natural beauty of his materials shine, creating crafted pieces meant to transcend trends with style and quality.

Did You Know?

  • Boo! Nick is a big fan of ghost stories.
  • Teddy, a Gordon Setter, is Nick’s favorite companion and accompanies him everywhere.
  • Tune into Nick’s weekly podcast, “Hidden by Leaves,” to learn even more about the philosophy and history of woodworking.

“Together, strong self-confidence and an objectively minded plan can accomplish anything.”

Brad Ludden


First Descents

What began as a childhood passion and longtime career in whitewater kayaking transformed in 2001 into an even more profound calling. A non-profit that provides outdoor adventure experiences to people fighting and surviving cancer, Brad’s company and its mission to educate others about the power and fun of kayaking will reach over 1,200 lives this year.

Did You Know?

  • In his youth, Brad kayaked his way around the world as a Nike-
sponsored athlete.
  • Although an avid adventurer, Brad is afraid of heights.
  • Brad co-parents three dogs with his father.

“I knew kayaking could transform lives for the better, as it had done to mine, and I was in a position to create this experience for other people.”

Derrick Hodge

Musician, Producer, Film Composer & Musical Director

Son of Knowledge Music

Music has always been “it” for Derrick, the thing his mother knew could stop him in his tracks as soon as it came on. With a love of both creating music himself and opening doors for others to pursue their creative talents as well, Derrick’s goal of promoting Denver’s local talent stems from a belief in the power of music and the power of listening.

Did You Know?

  • Derrick is a die-hard Curb Your Enthusiasm fan.
  • Derrick loves experimenting with cooking all kinds of different cuisines and enjoying the rewards of sampling them afterward.
  • Boxing is and always has been one of Derrick’s favorite sports.

“I started Son of Knowledge Music to bring creative opportunities to talented musicians, producers, and composers who could take the opportunity and run with it in their own right.”

Jedd Rose

Founder and President

Topo Designs

After a decade working in graphic design and branding, Jedd sought to shift from the digital world to the land of physical products. An avid outdoorsman since childhood, Jedd’s company was founded on the idea of blending classic, functional mountain wear with modern technology to create clothing that is both utilitarian and beautiful.

Did You Know?

  • Growing up, Jedd’s family home also housed a variety of pets, from dogs and cats to finches, frogs, salamanders, turtles and more.
  • Jedd has been obsessed with cooking shows since the 1980s before they were considered “cool.”
  • Jedd plays hockey every week, a sport he picked up at 31 years old.

“We want to create products that help people to have fewer things that work better together and can perform in any environment.”

Tyler DuBois & Justin Park


The Real Dill

A self-proclaimed “hobby gone wild,” Tyler and Justin’s pickle-making venture began as a leisurely culinary activity before their creations started to gain traction at farmers markets, then stores, then restaurants in the Denver area. By maintaining a focus on the incomparable quality of their products and pride in what they produce, the team continues to slowly build their pickle and Bloody Mary Mix production.

Did You Know?

  • The Real Dill team recently celebrated their fifth anniversary in business.
  • Tyler and Justin attribute their successful partnership to not sharing a single overlapping skill set.
  • All of Tyler and Justin’s products are made by hand and 100% from scratch.

“The key for us has been to stay true to who we are, learn from our mistakes, and build a strong team around us.”

Jeff Osaka


Osaka Ramen

With a long history and sterling reputation in Denver’s food scene, Jeff closed his highly lauded Twelve Restaurant in Denver’s Ballpark neighborhood in 2014 to make way for new ventures, such as Osaka Ramen. A proponent of patience and respecting the role of timing when making business decisions, Jeff’s next iteration of his culinary creativity, 12@Madison, opened in December 2016.

Did You Know?

  • Jeff is an avid cookbook collector. At last count, he owns over 1,000 of them.
  • Jeff’s guilty pleasure is breakfast cereal. At any given time he has eight to ten different varieties in his cupboard.
  • Apple Jacks were Jeff’s favorite cereal as a kid, and continue to be today.

“We’re simply creating great food, whether we’re sourcing prosciutto from Italy or peaches from the western slope, and want patrons to feel they’re getting good food and value for everything we prepare.”