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In the Studio With Heidi Kidd Jewelry

Stylish and approachable, elegant and comfortable, 
Heidi Kidd Jewelry is an example in gorgeous jewelry pieces that balance making a statement with being wearable for any and every occasion. With pieces featured in boutiques throughout the greater Denver area and some artisan market appearances lined up in the coming months, Heidi Kidd continues to spread her love for classy, unique jewelry inspired by natural elements and her laid back west coast upbringing.

Lisa: How did you get started creating jewelry?

Heidi: I’ve always loved jewelry and remember going through my mom and grandma’s jewelry boxes as a kid and reveling in it. I actually like to plan my outfits around jewelry, which is the opposite of what most people do, but it’s always just been a part of me. When I was in high school in California, I started going to a nearby bead store and making jewelry pieces for my friends and family, and it just grew from there.

Lisa: When did you make that leap from hobby to a profession?

Heidi: It really started growing after I graduated college. I worked in the corporate world for a while and made jewelry as a hobby, but then a friend invited me to participate in an artisan market with her with some of my jewelry pieces, and I had an incredible amount of fun those two weeks prepping and going to the market. I’m mostly self-taught, but after that, I committed and started honing my skills.

Lisa: What is your jewelry’s overall style and aesthetic?

Heidi: My pieces are very clean and modern. They aren’t too complicated. I’m a west coast beach girl at heart, and I draw a lot of inspiration from nature in my materials and colors I use. I specifically love light blues and soft tones and using semi-precious stones and even antler tips in my pieces.

Lisa: What drew you to using these unique natural elements, and what are your favorites to work with?

Heidi: I enjoy and believe in bringing what’s offered to us in nature into my jewelry. Some of my favorite materials have western influences, like turquoise and Larimar, which is a light blue stone with white mixed into it that makes it look like a beautiful sky. Those two are my all-time favorites.

Lisa: Who do you hope wears your jewelry, and how should it make them feel?

Heidi: Jewelry is meant to be worn, and not just for special occasions or fancy nights out. All of my pieces are made to be versatile and worn all the time, whether you’re going out in shorts and a tank top still sporting sandy hair after a day at the beach, or if you’re going to a big event and are looking for a statement piece. I want people to be comfortable and just plain feel good in my jewelry, and when I get that feedback, it is so fulfilling.

Lisa: Do you have favorite pieces to create?

Heidi: I’m really excited about my entire line right now. I’m particularly proud of my gold fringe earrings. They take a long time to create and are intricate. They have 30 to 40 individual pieces that go into each of them, but when someone tries them on and loves them, it makes me so proud and happy that it’s more than worth it.

Lisa: What do you have coming up in the next few months?

Heidi: It’s been such a great year so far, and I have quite a few markets coming up in May. I’ll be at the Horseshoe Market in Denver on May 13th, Denver Flea May 13th – 14th, and Firefly in Boulder May 20th – 21st. I’ve also gotten my pieces featured in some new boutiques this past year, and you can find them at Relevant Goods in Denver, Kismet in multiple locations, Willow in Boulder, Eleanor and Hobbs in Louisville, and Mountain Daisy in Evergreen amongst others. My sister is also coming on board to work with me this year to expand into even more boutiques, so the fun continues!