Meat Western Daughters 2

When it comes to your dinner plate, Western Daughters does things a bit differently than the average supermarket deli…

Founded in 2013, Western Daughters is a whole-animal butcher shop that offers 100-percent grass-fed beef and lamb and pasture-raised pork and chicken, all sourced within 150 miles of its Denver-base. By working directly with farmers and ranchers, Owner Kate Kavanaugh, an ex-vegetarian of 15 years, says she can provide a window between Colorado farms and your kitchen table.

Having built chicken coops, fed baby lambs and rounded up cattle herself, Kavanaugh says, “I like telling stories to our customers about what we do, our ranchers and the animals that come through here, and learning about them [as well].

“People have forgotten what it’s like to go to a butcher shop. We want to provide an experience where [customers] can learn.”

5 Unique Cuts:

This is a long grained steak in the same family as skirt and flank, but rather than tight bundles of muscle, the fibers are more interconnected, making for a nice tooth and buttery mouthfeel.

We’re not being cute, this cut is really called a Denver. This cut is decently tender while still having a nice texture to it. Great marbling and a good price point make this a winner.

Pork Sirloin Steak—
Forget about pork chops, this cut is like a top sirloin of beef but, well, pork. It has excellent inter-muscular fat, a rich flavor and dark color.

The cap of the Sirloin has a lot in common with more tender steaks like the filet, but somehow, is also akin to a Tri-Tip. A triangular cut with a beautiful fat cap and tender texture, it develops nice crispy edges while keeping a mid rare center.

Teres Major—
This tender cut out of the chuck is a rare find. Nestled between the brisket and short rib plate, this leaner cut is perfect for salads and lighter fare.