The Next Frontier 1

California Closets’ new Design Studio in Cherry Creek takes the first steps toward a revolutionized, hyper-fashion-forward design process.

“Closets are very much an afterthought when it comes to a home,” says Jill Downing, a lead design consultant with California Closets’ premier Design Studio in Cherry Creek— the first of its kind for the custom storage company.

Traditionally making use of large showrooms to display the organizational abracadabra of its products, California Closets is reinventing design retail by compacting the shop-front space and turning what was once a display into an interactive think lab.

“We want clients to feel like a part of the entire process,” adds Downing. She sits at a glass table in the back of the Design Studio and projects before and after closet shots on an expansive white wall. “They open their homes to us because we respect personalization, and are on the cutting edge.”

Closets have become the final frontier of home design, having the power of transforming space and the way it’s lived in.

“Every year, the corporate office travels to Italy to look for design trends,” says General Manager Troy Mullins. This is before these designs have left the boot and transplanted to the chic high-rises of New York City. “With this method, we were the first to introduce the textured board to the industry, and we continue being the first when it comes to design,” he concludes.

As for 2017, experts at the Design Studio say the hottest closet and organizational trends will be:

  • Box-in-box layering
  • Chrome and gold
  • High-gloss finishes with vibrant colors
  • Standout edge banding
  • Mix-and-match finishes

Fusing deeper-ticking and mix-and-match finishes have become the largest spotlight trend, with California Closets’ latest and exclusive Tesoro Collection bringing it to the fourth dimension. Imported from Italy, Tesoro finishes play on rich wood textures, look-alike leather, and classic textile patterns like Herringbone. More important, they were made to interact.

Tesoro finishes also have a leg-up on materials like wood or veneers, which can be difficult to size, react poorly to varying climates, and tend to scratch easily. In a word: it’s a difference in durability.

The best way to understand the difference is to see it (and feel it).

So if your closet isn’t a place where you’d relax and open a bottle of wine, you’re not doing it right. Stop by the California Closets Design Studio at 2950 E 2nd Ave. Tell them Cherry Creek Lifestyle sent you.