During our monthly planning meeting (dubbed ‘Deadlines & Donuts’) we collectively had a million ideas for the theme, Arts & Culture. We all know that Denver is for art lovers.

As much as we would love to feature so many of the talented artists, all using different mediums, we narrowed it down to a few stand out makers for this month. They are creative forces that are unstoppable, and they invited us into their homes and studios to pick their brains (Maker, pg. 28).

There’s also now art behind every street corner, which is why we featured And Art Space, founded by the talented Leah Brenner, who is bringing local talent to businesses who want to beautify the urban landscape (And [Art] Space, pg. 42).

I got a chance to interview the talented calligrapher, Hannah Howard, who gave us an ABC’s do-it-yourself to inspire others to appreciate a craft that’s been practiced for centuries (to write, pg. 48).

If one thing is for certain, we will continue to have an endless list of creatives to feature throughout the year. We hope you enjoy and that this issue sparks your creativity.

On the Cover

A close up of a mural by Jaime Molina + Pedro Barrios.

Photography by Forde Photo