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Beautifying the urban landscape, one mural at a time.

Nowadays, it’s common to see murals dotting buildings, storefronts and underpasses throughout city centers and small towns.

“The sentiment that murals are vandalism or not real art is becoming all but non-existent. The legitimacy of the work speaks for itself,” explains Leah Brenner, the Boulder-based founder of And Art Space, an organization connecting local artists with Denver and Boulder-area companies and spaces looking to incorporate mural artwork into their aesthetic.

“Experiencing art in this way removes a lot of the boundaries or expectations you find in a gallery setting,” says Brenner.

The “And” in And Art Space focusses on inclusion and accessibility.

“Including murals in public spaces like schools, businesses, alleys and streets allows for art to be experienced by all people regardless of status, ethnicity, age, disability or gender. There are no rules of how it should be experienced or understood.”

Brenner keeps a database of artists, and when projects come up, she curates a selection of artists that fit both the client’s goals and the art direction of the project.

“With this growing acceptance of street art and murals, what I hope will be maintained is the authentic voice of the artist,” she adds. “I’m always accepting submissions.”

Meet the Local Artists

Anna Charney

How would you describe your 
artistic style?

Pattern Painting. I play with 2-D patterns and bring them into an illusionistic 3-D space using perspective and other optical tricks.

What sort of impact do you hope your street art has on the community or environment it inhabits?

One thing that excites me most about it is the community involvement and its positive impact on its urban environment. It’s so important to make art accessible to everyone and to spread and inspire creativity while beautifying urban space.

Where can people go to see your work locally?

I just finished a mural for And Art Space on the bike path in Boulder off of 6th and Canyon. In the Denver area, I have a public mural in RiNo on 26th and Walnut that I did for Colorado Crush in September.

What sort of planning goes into your pieces before they become permanent fixtures?

A lot of detailed planning. I’ll go through several sketches and drawings. I want my pieces to be immersive visual experiences for the viewer, and it is best for me to 
prepare my compositions and color schemes beforehand.

Who are some artists that 
inspire you?

My absolute favorite artist is Felipe Pantone. Some of my other favorite artists include Christine Streuli, Clark Goolsby, Bridget Riley, Rubin415 and David Reed.

Pedro Barrios and Jaime Molina

You two operate as a team, what does that workflow look like?

P: We definitely operate as a team. Depending on the project, we let the piece speak to each of our strengths to get the best possible result. We always sit down and draw concepts together and let ideas flow freely.

J: Problem solving is much easier when you have two or more minds working it out. The first day or two getting things set up is the hard part. The rest just comes out naturally, and we are there to guide, but not smother our vision.

How would you describe your 
artistic style?

P: The words vibrant, intricate, and approachable come to mind.

What sort of impact do you hope your street art has on the community or environment it inhabits?

J: I like that our mural work complements the environment it is in. If people find joy or take a moment out of their day to appreciate it, that’s all I can ask for.

Where can people go to see your work locally?

P: Our work is scattered throughout the city of Denver. The highest concentration of our work is in RiNo.

What has And Art Space offered you as artists and creators?

P: And Art Space has been instrumental in connecting us with clients that have allowed us to make a living doing what we love.

Who are some artists that inspire you?

P: Basquiat has always been a huge inspiration. Jaime Molina inspires me on a daily basis, as well as Jaybo Monk, Mauro Martinez, Evan Hecox, and Alexander Girard to name a few.

J: Cy Twombly and Kendrick Lamar.