Latin Flavor 3

Finding Expression and Connection in Traditional Latin American Cuisine at Comal.

Comal brings the food incubator to life while galvanizing social change.

Comal, a “Heritage Food Incubator,” is a unique and brilliant new addition to the Taxi community in the River North Arts Industry (RiNo). The changing menu is prepared and served by women who are trained at Comal’s kitchen for an eight-month “incubation” period to develop their talents to become armed with the professional tools to start their own businesses. This unique collection of women come from the underserved and disadvantaged areas of Globeville, Swansea, and Elyria where it is vital to partner with neighboring communities.

Many of the recipes served at Comal have been passed down for several generations and are still prepared in the original approach and methods. The Comal concept serves to sustain and celebrate these cultures through serving dishes that are heritage specific by woman from all over Latin America.

I had the opportunity to speak with Raymunda Carreon, one of the culinary artists at Comal. Raymunda, who hails from Durango Mexico, seeks to preserve that heritage in creating and presenting dishes specific to her childhood upbringing. We asked her to choose one dish that best illuminates that culture and she chose Estofado, which in Spanish means stewed, describing the process in which this dish is cooked. Estofado can be made with beef or pork, green or red salsa and is served with beans and rice. The poignancy of this dish is in its strong Mexican roots; Estofado is a Mexican staple and just one example of the creations available at Comal.

Comal will soon be launching a grab and go service as well as maintaining its dine-in status. Further, Comal provides off-site catering with 60% of all profits going to the women for their work. I suggest a trip to throttle your palate and support a creative social endeavor.

Comal is open for lunch Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m.- 2 p.m.