Food for Thought 1

With the holiday season behind us, I like to jump into the New Year ready for new adventures. I try to set new fitness and wellness goals on a yearlong (or more) path to a healthier lifestyle.

Growing up on the sandy beaches of Florida, I’m accustomed to swimming, paddle boarding, and surfing. In December 2015, my husband and I left the ocean and journeyed across the country to join my older brother and sister in Colorado. In order to stay fit (and outside), we traded in our surfboards for skis, snowshoes, and hiking boots. As we’ve discovered over our first year in Denver, it’s not hard to do when the Rocky Mountains are right outside our doors.

While it’s obvious I typically focus on health and fitness resolutions this time of year, I shamelessly admit I can’t deny my love for food!

Coming from an Italian family with a chef as a sister, I have a deep passion and appreciation for not only food, but the memories created around the dinner table. My idea of a perfect night out includes, tasty food, great cocktails, and good company. That being said, Denver’s dining scene has exploded and I could not be more excited. Chefs are migrating from prominent cites across the country to pursue new and creative opportunities in Denver. Locally owned restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries are everywhere. The “foodie” in me can barely contain herself!

From hitting the slopes during the day to exploring the dining scene by night, I am anxious to see what Denver has to offer in 2017!

Happy New Year!

Jenna Moseley

Publication Director