Man Maker Complex 4

This step-by-step workout is for the many people plagued with the excuse of not having enough time. Here’s the catch: With the “Man Maker,” you just need twenty minutes to execute this exercise flow. The workout is a great way to improve cardiovascular endurance and strength while using very little outside resistance. It is a series of exercises all rolled into one full-body, functional movement that utilizes multiple planes of motion along with resistance training.

Step 1 | The starting and ending position is standing upright with the weights relaxed at your sides.

*Start with weights that are 50 percent lighter than you would normally do shoulder presses with. You can increase the weight as you get more comfortable with the flow.

Step 2 | From there, lower the dumbbells to the ground by your feet; you can either jump back with both feet or step back one at a time to arrive in pushup position.

*Wrists under elbows under shoulders.

Step 3 | Lower yourself to the lowest part of your pushup position. As you come up you perform a renegade row with one arm, meaning you pull the dumbbell off the ground up to your armpit.

*Perform the same sequence of pushup and row with the other arm.

Step 4 | Jump or step in and stand up. Next hammer curl the weights to your shoulders.

Step 5 | Shoulder press them or thruster press above your head. Bring them down gently and return to starting position. Finally, get ready to start the second rep. Repeat for five reps.