Adventurous Artists


Denver is enigmatic. Its creative downtown neighborhoods are urban, artful, stylish, “big city” and always pushing the boundaries of what can be done and communicated with fashion. In this spread, meet our three featured designers who strike the balance between comfort, art and fashion with their clothing lines and are all connected through Colorado.

Anne Fanganello


As Anne Fanganello would say, she has had a roller coaster of a ride in life so far. From her native Colorado to big fashion dreams and a career in New York City to a breast cancer diagnosis to a return to her Denver home, Fanganello’s path has been the basis for the philosophy of and the passion behind her fashion line, AnnaFesta.

The mission of AnnaFesta is to provide clothing for women of all sizes and shapes that not only fits, but is curve-enhancing and confidence-boosting, the kind of clothing that should be worn with — as Fanganello would say — sass and a smile. After realizing a void in the market for on-trend, stylish, fitted clothing for curvy women, Fanganello was determined to create a line that would help women confidently show off their bodies and be comfortable at the same time. It’s Fanganello’s belief that feeling beautiful inspires a healthy lifestyle, which is exactly what she aims to do with the AnnaFesta line.

From the staple Mod Bod dress inspired by the fashion of the 1960s to the Box Lace Skirt to the Colorado Skort and much more, AnnaFesta’s designs are meant to be practical, stylish and comfortable for the active Colorado lifestyle, consistently encouraging women to love and show off their bodies with confidence and pizzazz.

“Size 2 or size 20, 5’0″ or 6’0″ tall, when a woman wears my designs she should look in the mirror and love both how beautiful she is in AnnaFesta and how confident she feels.”

Dana Schoonover

Never A Wallflower

Dana Schoonover’s Never A Wallflower line came to be as part of a life-affirming decision to do what she loved to do, plain and simple. Schoonover not only created a job for herself that aligns with her passions, but also one for which she legitimately looks forward to each workday and each Monday morning. Pair that with a desire to create a fashion line that makes dressing for Colorado’s notoriously unpredictable weather a bit easier (and more stylish) and you have Schoonover’s comfortable, classic, easy-to-wear clothing line.

The Never A Wallflower philosophy and message is one of finding personal happiness and listening to and acting on those things that truly make you joyful. For Schoonover, this means drawing from her inherent abilities to craft and create — traits she credits to her quilt and clothing-making grandmothers — and designing clothes that she herself enjoys wearing. Perfect for the Colorado lifestyle, Schoonover’s lines can up your style game in any scenario, even when that means throwing them on over a pair of yoga pants after a morning workout.

This fall, watch for some of Schoonover’s favorite pieces, from dresses to ponchos and capes, to help make you feel comfortable, stylish and prepared for whatever the Colorado climate throws at you.

“Never A Wallflower is really my philosophy for life. Never sit on the sidelines, be a lifelong learner, follow your joy and do not listen to those who try to dampen your spirit.”

Viktor Luna

With a diverse background and no-holds-barred approach to his craft, New York-based Fashion Designer Viktor Luna draws from his varied and unique experiences to create his unapologetic fashion lines. With pieces that juxtapose timeless silhouettes with fantastical and futuristic elements, Luna’s lines are a balance of the classic and the edgy.

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and having grown up in Los Angeles, California, Luna has a long family history in clothing and fashion, coming from three generations of tailors and seamstresses. A need to see his ideas and fashion fantasies realized tangibly as he was exposed to more and more of the industry, kick-started Luna’s career. His unique designs have become more and more intricate with time, tying together a multitude of elements in each line — from fringes to leg harnesses and more — creating an overall visual experience with his fashion. With the overarching goal to inspire with his work, Luna’s pieces are meant to bring about emotions and serve as a catalyst for thought and reflection.

This November 2–5, Luna will be partnering with Massif Studios and Media on a Fashion Week showcase to show his Spring and Summer 2017 line. He is ecstatic to be contributing to this artistic, interactive, visually stimulating experience.

“I draw from both personal experience and fantasy. When I make a collection, I want to conjure emotions while at the same time play with timeless silhouettes.”